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Thursday, 3 December 2009

F You.

I really don't get You magazine. For the uninitiated / unaware its a Sunday supplement to the Mail on Sunday, Britain's premier middle England mouthpiece and general home of immigrant scare stories and Jonathan Ross lynching petitions.
Whereas Live, its male equivalent is all expensive consumer goods, TV listings with the occasional interesting story, You is something more sinister.

Its mainly articles about women with a few bits of fashion and cookery that have that old school women's mag feel, coupled with new school women's mags (mainly homeopathic / alternative medicine,) they used to integrated health at one time, with Dr Ali and wildly surreal pictures by Martin Haake.

The articles fit into two camps, Sloane type moves to the country and finds solace in arts and crafts, middle class worry Du jour, includes economic troubles modern etiquette and bukkake (OK not bukkake).

There's further arts and crafts stuff in the homebuyers bit and the only good bit (a crossword) before it all goes to hell. I really can't stand Liz Jones and both magazines end with total cunts (Live has Britain's got Talent judge Piers Morgan). It seems to end with her bemoaning her cheating ex and slowly going mad on Exmoor with her extended menagerie of creatures. Kind of like an Equine version of the Shining, but with less Jack Nicholson.

There's also a cartoon called Demented that seems to be the fevered ravings of Viz's Millie Tant. Its normally either politician hatred or banker hatred, with a few non male bashing strips added to it. We normally doctor them in pencil to make them more surreal or draw stuff on them. See above for a rework.

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