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Friday, 22 January 2010

Its done.

Finally let this be the last of this nazi bollocks.

Oh and as a postscript let there be house. We have explosive (Propellerheads ReBirth). W00t dudes.

Post postscript. That Benson and Hedges Programme actually contains Stephen Hendry's autograph (We have Steve Davis' already).

Monday, 18 January 2010

Pachislot Funeral go go go!

Well its as I've predicted, though haven't said as much, after the funeral comes the customary dumping of peoples belongings out by the bins. An existential dumping in the bin of a persons life. Its weird poking through someones life, through whats parcelled up in a black bag. Largely Tena ladies and crockery, though we have some good stuff.

First up is a programme guide to the 1996 Benson and Hedges Snooker grand prix, (2010 event won by Mark Selby, fact fans), back in the day when you could get away with fag sponsorship, who remembers when it was the Embassy world championship, I think its now either poker or insurance that sponsors it now. Snooker players looking younger, a non grey Nigel Bond, Mark Williams in the first flush of youth and the Rocket Ronnie O'Sullivan barely out of short trousers.

There were a lot of tapes and CDs largely old folks faves, Cliff Richards and Barry Manilow. We got a stapler that didn't work and a rubber shaped like a book. Nice.

In other news a trip to Orpington we found that there's a Yatterman Pachislot stuck in the window of a carousel arcade. There's another one but largely its Yatterman that sticks in the mind here. Not that the English particularly know what a Pachislot is, (A fruit machine that you can stop each reel as it spins rather than the western one button hit) but that whenever one is spotted and they're not hard to spot, that they're stuck in the front windows of an arcade.

Lowestoft had Aruzes Surftrip in the window and that's the only other one I can think of so far.
The general jist is this, Pachislot (possibly because they are small) are never set up for play. Regular arcades have maybe one or two types of slot, a quiz machine if lucky (their only sop to proper arcade gaming) and rows upon rows of fruities, maybe a penny falls if you're lucky / at the seaside. A shame really as they really look fun.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Hey ho, it's the Griffin hill show.

Finally I've done something I can be proud about, you may remember from my last post that I railed against Anti and indeed pro Nazism in general and mentioned a bit that we were hacking Nick Griffin's Question Time debut into irrelavence. Well all that is done, and it's probably the best Edit I've ever made. We'll put it up on youtube when we have the balls to and link it here of course.

But for the meantime a brief bit on Nazi Nick. We deleted all the video clips I had of the show as well as a few bits on BBC news and the politics show with the scotch bloke in (name escapes me at the moment). I did liken him to a Right wing version of Ralph Bates, star of old sitcom Dear John, but that is kinda untrue. Repeated exposure to his weird mannerisms and voice, I now believe he's channelling both Basil Brush and Chris Tarrant from Millionaire as well.

Looking over the footage is surreal, every question is aimed directly at him, nothing to Baroness Warsi, nothing to Bonnie Greer or Jack Straw (who always comes across in my eyes like a concentration camp doctor, its the glasses, I'm sure). Questions really should have been asked at the Beeb why give him airtime in the first place, when the outset would be hardly the model of fairness and impartiality that would normally be the case.

Seeing that every question was about race and racism they may have well called it Nick's Nazi chestbeating hour and invited the audience to publicly kick him in the balls for the entire duration, possibly that is TV gold.

In fact as an antidote to this I'll go on about something else entirely. Funerals and a strange one at that. Heads up dudes, how many funerals have you seen with a hearse, a Motorbike and Sidecar and a stretch limo. Conceiveably the first you'd expect but not all three, well they had all three at the one I saw. It was an ex tenant who passed away, I believe it was the nice old lady who always asked to do her patch of landing outside her flat. She really gave no indication that she was a biker or liked motorbikes, but there you go.

There were lots of flowers which was put onto the motorbike and sidecar and the guests all trooped off into a stretch limo. It looked superb and I hope everything went well for them.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Not in ny M.A.M.E

This might sound like an odd question to ask, I'm not a racist but I do hate Anti Racists. Yes everybody hates other people from time to time, its largely ignorance, but really the base disposition of the English is Borg, we assimilate and adopt, your culture will be absorbed.

We've been hacking a lot of Nick Griffin material lately, mainly to get him to sing the Bird is the word from Family Guy, its up on Youtube if you're so inclined to look for it, but be warned its not that great to be honest. I have no respect for him or his deeds, he reminds me of a wonky eyed Ralph Bates from Dear John. My lack of respect for both anti and Pro Nazis stems from an incident in my childhood.

We had a small bookshop at the top of the street where I live, it was always locked whenever I went past on the bus, bollards and blue shutters that never opened. In most respects it looked and acted just like a sex shop, however you'd be wrong, as it was the BNP bookshop. In my naivety I thought you could pop in and look over books like you could in Smiths, and maybe buy some Famous Fives, we really didn't have a clue who the BNP were then, only that they never opened. I never heard of them (they were, as now hardly mainstream,) in fact the only racist organisation I heard of then were the NF, i.e your old school skinhead.

Reading up online, it seems that there's some affection from old time nationalists for the place itself, which incidentally closed and converted back into a semi some time during the mid noughties, we remember seeing clips of the place either in news shopper or local news of it being an uninhabitable ruin. So why do I hate Anti Racists as much as real racists.

No the real reason I hate Anti Racists is this. Sometime during1993, they held An anti Nazi concert on the common to honour Stephen Lawrence's unlawful and unjust killing (fair deal) and from what I read online, organised a march to shut it down in mid October. This was normally our cue to fuck off to my grandads house in Hounslow. Imagine our dismay when turning on the news when we saw the cunts had rioted down the entire street, vandalising property, destroying the wall to the lovely old graveyard and generally brawl it out with police with no respect for those who had to live there and incidentally pick up the pieces of their 'peaceful' protest.

This is why I hate them, for all their non violence and inclusiveness speak, they acted just like any fascist would with violence and petty minded nihilism, once seen you could never believe them ever.

For my sins I'm part of my works union, and guaranteed that most every issue of their mag you'll find something about the hard left moaning against either conservatism or the BNP, overlooking two facts that A. for 13 years we've had a Labour Government in power and B. that the hard left Socialist parties have about the same standing as the far right (i.e single issue parties run by no hopers and with no real power to affect anything let alone achieve governance).

Well that's me done, you were promised MAME in the titles so here I'll leave you with this, bitching and in fighting on a grand scale. God we love Hazes work.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Thou hath wasted thy time

Theres a special circle of hell reserved for people and not just those I've met and work with, but a special type of person, those who add spurious lists to any net description or indeed ones site description who's site is basically a list of words. You may have come across these as 'Free Viagara' or porn site descriptions to videos in which the description itself is just a string of random words combo'd together to make a sentence.

For an example a site may describe itself as, Auto exploding dadaist paedocide, Donkey Kong spanner jizz carnival tragedy fuck Gaby Roslin nude Hackuss me do dot com here rubus.

Really, whats the point most people either think you're an attention seeker or worse a retard from an adsite with nothing better to do than lazily fill out google ranking with your nonsense words in the hope of an easy mark.

And if you do visit, it'll only be some malware ridden cunt storm of a site, you won't find any self exploding dadaist paedokongs or Incestmules or indeed chinese cockpills free or otherwise.

Underage 18 year old's is one I've also come across (Mrs) which is similarly self defeating, you're either underage or legal, never both at the same time. That's just a paradox waiting to happen.

That and non event Celeb Pr0n (I.E bait site as outlined above) as the biggest ever worst waste of net time ever.

Maybe if there is ever an internet police then they'll come up with a charge of wasting surfers time. I doubt it, but in that case just follow the picture's above advice.

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Happy New Year.

This guy has some serious talent. I found his site from a news post on Kotaku, with some awesome Shadow of The Colossus artwork. Theres some Vanillaware games he's worked on there, Princess Crown and Odin Sphere are mentioned, but there is also some sprite work for a Deathsmiles like game for GBA.

Theres a video on youtube as well as on the main site above.
Look for ミクスミルズ。