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Saturday, 19 December 2009

Birds, total absence of the birds.

Congratulations if you know what Cassetteboy track that headings from. But from my last post, this has been whats been occupying some of my time here.

Feeding birds that are not limited to but include: Robin (not an American Robin thats a thrush), Blue Tit, Great Tit, Reed Bunting (my Aunt lives on the broads so we get them), Chaffinch both male and female, various starlings and maybe hedgesparrows too. Bigger birds have included Magpies, rooks and woodpigeons who always put me in mind of a little clerk in a grey suit, with Harry Hill shirt collars.

We were also visited by a rat, not any rat, a cheeky rat. He scuttles out from near the bathroom for a quick nibble at the birdseed before looking round and scuttling back to cover. More personable than vermin has any right to be.

We also saw a Herring Gull in Lowestoft which I nicknamed Bully Gull, a big imposing bastard of a bird, that shooed pigeons from its sight to grab leftover bread. We later saw it sitting on top of a shop with a cohort, laughing it up.

Oh as for the photo he reminded me of Ben Gunn from Cockleshell bay.

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