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Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Laughing Cow Party Cubes and all that Jazz.

So it was our club's xmas party last night. For those wondering I'm a cactophile, that doesn't mean I'm a weirdo or anything but it does mean I grow Cacti and Succulents.

I blame my Grandad and my neighbour for giving me the Cactus bug when little. My grandad had quite a nice selection of Epiphyllums and Echinopsis esp eyriesii and multiplex (all under Echinopsis Oxygona now along with all of Lobivia and Trichocereus). My neighbour grew some of the smaller plants and a massive Silver Torch (Cleistocactus Straussii) which I now own. So me going to our club Party is not unprecedented.

Due to the make up of our club (largely veteran growers and enthusiastic pensioners often both) it means I'm the youngest by a long chalk. So I bring some Pringles in and theres quite a lot of stuff I've never seen before, let alone eaten. Thanks to some of our members having middle European connections, we have Stollen, and Lebkuchen and I think those pepper biscuits that are popular there too.

Stollen seems to be some sort of loaf cake with marzipan in the middle, I can't stand marzipan let alone in a cake so while nice I left most of the centre out of it.
Lebkuchen is niceish, you can get it in Lidls but its not like the proper hard gingerbread that you make men out of. Oh and the pepper biscuits have some sort of almond taste to them which are not that nice. Yeah I hate almonds too.

The other fare was pretty much standard Chrimbo goodies, mince pies, Sausage on sticks and crisps. Oh and Laughing Cow Party cubes. These come in a variety of flavours and are something I haven't seen around before. Laughing cow make some sort Dairylea inspired soft cheese which is nice but their logo always reminds me of Linda Evangelista. Hence the two images at the start of the post.

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