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Sunday, 27 September 2015

Raptors and Roundups.

Been a bit crazy this week, with a few trips out and some Vita news for all you rom botherers out there, 
oh and the Prime Minister allegedly sticking his knob in a dead pigs mouth as part of a university club initiation ceremony we have to grab our Lolz where we can get it.

Unexpected Find.!
First up some odd nature bits and pieces.  We took a trip down the Thames path at Woolwich today, the last time I did so I was sure I saw a Kingfisher in flight and didn't think anything would top this, or so I thought.  That is until halfway through my walk I saw this.

Peregrine Falcon.
Yeah that is a dead Peregrine Falcon, right there on the pathway leading down to Thamesmead, I didn't know that they were actually present in the area only that they are protected and rare in the UK. Looking on line there are reports of nests in Greenwich and Lewisham complete with chicks which is good to see. I initially thought it was a Sparrowhawk though my mind was screaming that this is a Peregrine.  It certainly made my trip out although really wished it had been alive rather than dead.

Vita Breakthrough.
Really enjoying this breakthrough on  Seems some guys have been poking through some files dumped out via hacking into the Vita's Mail app.  Seems you can dump out files up to a certain size for analysing, you can only dump files lower than 2 Meg at the moment or go 7 Directories in but its a start and what has been found has been actually quite interesting. 

What has been found so far from this is:
* A whitelist of all games that run on Playstation TV.
* Switch PSN account.
* Read, write and delete from memory card (UX0)
* Cartridge dumping and back up installation.

As you can see its a major deal already, you can dump cards from the vita and put roms for back up whether this extends to PSN downloads is anyones guess so far but, like I said this is getting interesting.
Better explanation here, or if you wish to keep, fully up to date, follow Major_tom's twitter here.

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Fully xxxpanded

Kicked out a particularly nasty virus this past couple of days.  Win.32 Banker according to Avast, did a boot time scan to root it out and a follow up scan to see if everything was caught.  Been having unexplained crashes for a while and blamed it on a windows update going rogue, everything would be fine until it wasn't and would freeze you out so the only thing to do was unplug and reboot, I'm pretty sure it was downloading random apk. files that got me this as well.  Which brings us onto our main story.

We grabbed a little Micro SD card from the floor of one of the blocks at work, its got a few nice things including some porno (hint we never find porn,) and a few tracks by some grime artists. The pron ain't all that, think more hard faced teens rather than amateur stuff and a lot of screen grabs including stuff from adultwork. 

The main odd thing I've come across is an APK. file for one of the innumerable shake and grind channels from the upper reaches of Sky's channel guide.  You know the deal, they play some decent music and have the roughest slags available, shake their ass live, you never see any gash, and once in a while they'll be a half way decent girl on without tattoos or that heavily made up.  It isn't that erotic and quite frankly does nothing for me, so was quite surprised to see that there was a download of this in the download folder.

What it does.
From what I could tell from Bluestacks not much, at least it worked (Terra Battle and Puzzle and Dragons of which I've downloaded a few times now have never worked).  It gives you a list of phone lines to the girls online and a chance to look at their profile and hear an audio message or see a seawater quality clip of them try to act sexy through all the artifacts onscreen.  I wouldn't recommend opening up Audacity, selecting stereo mix from the drop down list and clicking record before you play the clip.  and I especially wouldn't recommend exporting the clip to use as free samples.  I suppose if you wanted to try it out on your phone you could actually dial the number and waste a bunch of money on some sex line but seeing as its going nowhere near my phone and as far as I can tell Bluestacks doesn't let you ring anyone its pretty much redundant.

Apart from that it did fuck all else, no live streams like on their site or TV schedule with the same 4 manky brasses.

 In fact if you are going to go anywhere near teh pron, then I would suggest this course of action.
Get antivirus up to date.
Same with any anti malware.
Add Noscript and an ad block to any browser you use 
They'll whinge like fuck when you visit but you can add just enough stuff so it'll play without you being bothered by ads and stuff.

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Devon Stuff

We are back from Devon now, I didn't update while I was out there as to be honest phone reception was patchy at best.  They had Wifi in the main building but it was slow and apart from check selected websites and Facebook thats all you could do.

Pretty ain't it.
Stayed in a chalet outside of Ilfracombe on the North Devon Coast, a reasonably nice place but had a purgatory version of Freeview where you can only get the 5 main channels and their digital off shoots, kinda wished they had something non BBC to watch, especially as their news is dire, highlight was seeing them interview ancient apocalypse author Graham Hancock on breakfast telly.   The lowlights are many but largely biased immigration reporting is probably the worst I've seen.  This includes, hand wringing, a charity song, some more hand wringing and nary a dissenting voice about the logistics of  housing 30,000 extra blokes and its largely blokes from the line up I saw.

Apart from the TV, and the nice weather which was out of my hands, our resort wasn't bad. It had a clubhouse / pub / reception area,  that hosted an arcade, a few slots as well as a stage area which had some pretty young ladies dancing with a giant rabbit whenever we popped in for dinner.

Not a great shot.
They also did a quiz (would have aced it if I'd of taken part) that in true Dale Winton fashion the host was several shades thicker than the audience.  She pronounced the Suez canal as the Seuss canal which gave a wonderful image of it being built by the Cat in The Hat. Also didn't know that lignite referred to wood.
Our arcade was quite nice actually, nothing for me ironically, but there were a few interesting cabs to look at, including a big rocketship ride with a built in screen, and a few old Sega cabs, apart for an obligatory House of the Dead included a Dinosaur King and a Love and Berry in shin high cabinets.  Kicking myself that it was always too busy to grab a photo of these.  Also it seems that Archer Maclean's Jimmy White's Whirlwind Snooker is now a quiz game.  Didn't actually get to play this either but it was part of a quiz terminal along with a few other pub staples and that.

Ilfracombe is nice, with a few good gardens and an impressive Strawberry Tree in the car park and a strange theatre with its reactor like acoustic domes.  They had a good line up of shops including an independent record shop and a few general store type things, the harbour had a sculpture of a vivisected pregnant woman by Damien Hirst, but the natural landscape with much more stunning (see top picture).  If you are into geology then there is some pretty cool looking rock strata out there which makes for excellent photos. Also a nice local museum, we like a nice museum.

Barnstaple, is the archetypal big town, nicely laid out and can recommend the Pannier Center, a covered market in the heart of town for antique stuff (wednesdays) and general market stuff (every other day).  Plenty of charity shops and free disabled parking made me quite impressed with it.

pannier center.

Lynton and Lynmouth.

Little town / village further along the coast with a working funicular railway that transports you up and down the cliff edge between the two towns.  Lots of poky shops and steep walks down to places here, so not really those who can't walk far.  Also dogs, loads and loads of dogs, dogs in shops, dogs on the street and dogs on the cliff railway, if you like dogs then there are plenty here for you.

Where's my lead go?
Combe Martin. Boasts the longest high street in the UK, 90 percent of this is made up of houses with the odd shop thrown in along its length, there are more down by the beach but not much.  Quite picturesque.
Diddly Dogber.

That is all.

They sound cool but are probably a rock band.

Friday, 4 September 2015

Stasis of heaven.

Another Hiatus coming, which is why you have a Friday post instead of a Sunday one.  Surfing on anything less than a full size screen is pretty painful for me so you wont see me for some time.  I'll leave you with a few things to chew over.

As a godless soulless robot, I've read many tracts trying to tell me the wonders of gods plan and that and have come across some pretty fucked up stuff in my time.  Today I've found what could be the worst thing ever, it wasn't unreadable or hectoring as usual, far from it it actually was quite readable for once, it failed in its point entirely.

The pamphlet itself was trying to tell me the wonders of heaven and god's word, how they are unchanging and so wonderful and it just clicked with me, it described gods plan as a kind of autism.  Unchanging, relying on stupid rituals, and indifferent to those around us (you may think your prayers are answered but god doesn't do jack.)

The wonders of heaven are never really explained properly, just an eternal lifetime with god full on bliss, you know like in the Matrix before Morpheus offers the red pill to Keanu Reeves so he comes to his senses, and just like in the Matrix there really is no spoon (heaven). As an autistic it actually fills me with dread that heaven is basically an extension of my life, isolating, bound by ritual I can't explain and stultifying.  They have a saying that gods word is the same then as it is now, and that's not a good thing.

We update science books with new knowledge when our old ways are found to be incorrect, we don't update our Bibles or Korans when these are found to be deficient. The original analogy of heaven being the same is based on a faded seaside resort (kinda like Frinton on sea), that seems preserved in aspic rather than admit anything modern.  Its the place that still has Golliwoggs, because they're traditional, regardless of any ethnic sensitivity and its a place where nothing ever moves, grows or progresses.  The original tract was quite adamant about this was a bad thing that life was impermanent, rather than a good thing.

Another thing it touched on was dealing with hell, what kind of crime demands you that you suffer for all eternity, even the worst criminal doesn't deserve this, what kind of god would let someone suffer like that. It makes no sense, the punishment fits the crime, there's no chance for any recidivism upon the part of the perpetrator, apart from a mealy mouthed, well you should have accepted Jesus in life.  Of course my real bugbear with the whole thing is forgiveness, you can accept Jesus and go to heaven when you die regardless of your actions.  Kill a bunch of people, accept Christ in jail, bingo you've got a ticket to heaven, god doesn't care that you are still a murderer, only that its been forgiven.

It really makes me sick to hear this all the time.