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Sunday, 12 August 2012

Chain Break - Freecorder are malware spamming cunts.


There we said it, after what seems like 3 or so years we are free of your malware whoring cockrot, Applian, and we are never coming back.

In the beginning we had a need for your streamlined toolbar back when you were at 2.0, and actively enjoyed recording stuff with it, thanks to our onboard sound disabling recording for some retarded notion.  

True you didn't handle silences very well and split files up into little bits occasionally, but we overlooked your shortcomings as you did what you were told and.  Then you didn't work and found we had to upgrade, you came with all singing all dancing converter toolbar with tv shows and other apps, but you weren't that evil then and as a bonus you let us watch films you'd grab from youtube and other less salubrious areas of the net, (but not Iplayer for some reason).  

You would still let you record sounds, from diverse places such as WinUAE and even Rebirth sessions. With no grief at all.  Then we noticed you stopped recording films and would grab stuff only occasionally and then you gave us a free upgrade, with Conduit inc included.  We knew you were bad news when installing we checked no to Conduit and you still forced it onto us anyway and it took a while to block your shit completely, but you were still usable and still could record stuff, then you took away our right to watch those clips you downloaded on us preferring that you instead install a free FLV. player app that was actually Real Audio which was cock of the highest order.  We kicked your nonsense out and just used you for sound as by then you still didn't download films (even though you wouldn't let us watch them in app anymore) for some unknown reason.  

Then you couldn't do that right and we found out that there was a Freecorder 6.0 that boasted no Conduit and all the old ways mended.  Like a cock we took you back but by then we were wise to your schemes, you cosied up with freemods and invaded google Chrome so deep it took a boot time scan with Spybot and a week to free ourselves from your clutches.  We checked our other browsers and found you hijacked them as well changing homepages and putting you Fisher Price toolbar all over the place.  Well enough is enough we have kicked your sorry arse out and putting this up as a warning to others what a pile of cock you are. 
We now resume your standard viewing in ports part 2.  


  1. Thanks for the warning, took an age to get freecorder 4 working without spyware last year and without it taking over homepage and search preferences. Problem is, now I'm fucked - LOL.
    Can't find anything to download youtube videos for free... ughh

    yours internetically

    1. videodownloadhelper for firefox is great for this

  2. Same here except for sound, despite it being awful malware their sound stuff actually recorded sound which is a shame.

  3. God I downloaded today and got changes to my homepages on Firefox and chrome. After 4 hours of hard work I think I have gotten rid of most of the malware (can't be sure because it doesn't show in avg and most other anti virus programs. Now I am trying to get rid of the ugly eye of the program itself. May have to buy software freeware programs work. This is the worst case of hidden malware. Difficult to near impossible to remove.

  4. I had to reinstall my Windows after two weeks of trying to remedy the maladwares installed by Freecorder to no avail.

    How they managed to screw up such a wonderful software in its previous generation is unbelievable. They went from being great to being utterly evil!

  5. Can't believe I found this website, although too late. I too was scammed by those hijacking bastards. After downloading Freecorder 7, everything I would plug into Google (Firefox) would be hijacked to other unwanted websites. Freecorder's ugly scam is called a "Google Redirecting Virus". It's a bitch to get rid of. My AVG and SUPERantispyware wouldn't get rid of it. I found Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and it did get rid of it eventually. After using it initially, I still needed an email trip to their tech support to totally rid my computer of the Freecorder virus. Anyway, the virus is finally gone from my computer and so is Freecorder. So, here's a big shout out to Freecorder...FUCK YOU ASSHOLES!!

  6. All good things must come to an end. I was a big fan of freecorder for grabbing audio from the net.

    But! Annoyingly, when I'd use google search with freecorder installed, I'd aim on a link I want (good link), but 'freecorder sponsored ads' would suddenly appear in its place (bad link) and move the good link down the page, forcing you to click onto the bad link.

    Then I would get aggressive pop ups every few minutes masquerading as surveys or feedback forms from trusted sites I am looking at, causing frequent delays and interruptions to my browsing experience.

    And then it would create bogus hyper links within trusted websites, by turning random sections of original text into hyperlinks, which of course leads to more unwanted redirections to rubbish websites. Even when I was downloading a more powerful ad blocker, I got a bogus popup asking me if I want to install the programme, BEFORE the programme even fully downloaded! It looked quite genuine too, except for it asking me if I wanted to install that programme along with something else I didn't want! Lucky I clicked no because of my suspicion that it was freecorder being a pain in the arse again, this time trying to trick you into install even more malware. Luckily I was vigilant - if I was tired I might have accidentally clicked something I'd regret later.

    The frequency, quantity and escalating brazenness of these bogus links and popups seemed to actually increase day by day, trying new and more stealthy ways to con you into compromising your security. In the end, uninstalling entirely was the only way to get my internet back to usability.

    I'm sorry Applian, or more specifically, Bill Dettering, CEO (see his actual comments here: and anyone with manager or director in the job titles of those working for Applian, you deserve the black list for making the poor decision to bundle your software with malware.

    I say this because:

    1) You should be knowledgeable enough to recognise that this stuff is very bad news for any computer, or

    2) if you deny the truth of point 1, then you shouldn't be a CEO of a software company.

    It's now a matter of time that your company slides from boom to bust, and you brought it all on yourselves for your pompous, callous and poor business decisions. No one else is to blame for this massive error of judgement.

  7. The royal asshole behind the Applian scam is:

    Thomas B. Mayes
    20 Vineyard Ave
    San Anselmo, CA 94960 (415) 458-2844

    I'm sure he'd love to chat!

  8. Hi this is the Mayes family blahblah...
    You fucked up the free recorder Freecorder... Fuck Youuuu!

    That was my message to him. Fucking asshole.