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Saturday, 27 October 2012

PSP ISO guide

Due to redecoration at my place, we are currently doing up the room my computer is in, so this will not only be an educational post but an early one as from tomorrow our room will be painted and funky fresh.

A guide to making ISOs from PSP games that you *legally own. Very simple guide by a very simple guy.

*as opposed to downloading an ISO that probably doesn't work.

What you'll need.

A PSP that isn't a PSP GO.
Custom Firmware, (Pro B is good. we tested this on 6.20 but your firmware maybe higher or lower depending on what you installed).
Some UMD games and or Videos (seriously who watches videos on PSP or thought it was a good idea to watch videos on PSP.)
A PC plus USB cable with a micro end out and spare USB slot to link it to, digital cameras often come with a lead like that if you have one lying around.

Step one

Insert Game into PSP and switch on.
Press select to bring up Firmware menu.
Scroll down to UMD Mode and select M33 driver. (You'll need this later.)
Edit you may also have to change the mode from Memory Card to USB disc in general settings otherwise you'll get nothing to rip.

Step two

Insert USB cable into both PC and PSP. One end for each.
Click open on dialogue box that pops up, to view files you'll see a box that looks like this.

A mystery ufo.
 If you already have a PSP Iso folder drag it there now, if not make one now and drag it over, (it'll take ages by the way a good 10 minutes for 1Gig games.)

Step Three.

When this is finally done you can rename this file, remove the disk from the PSP and press O to get out of USB mode.  With the disk removed from your PSP, go back to USB mode and when the dialogue box pops up again go to ISO and drag the game you just copied and renamed to your ISO folder (it'll take much less time now).

I hope you have one of these, if not just create a  folder called ISO in the PSP root file menu and drag your new ISO folder.  They are massive files so you may want to either get a bigger Memory stick (we use this along with some Micro SD cards.) or convert to CSO with UMD Gen.

Step Four.

Exit USB mode, go to PSP Game and it should appear, you can play this as you would a regular game.

Finally we tried out a few 3rd party tools such as UMD Dumper and ISO ripper, UMD Dumper only did Lumines and was really laborious, and ISO Ripper just crashed a lot. We are slowly working through our collection of games and the custom firmware method proves to be a winner in terms of speed and use.

Sunday, 21 October 2012


Woolwich Poly Lower school ruins.

Here is something we really didn't expect to see, an LP of music from my old school.  Its called Polymusic and was made by the Woolwich Polytechnic School Concert band back in 1980.  Consisting of brass band standards including Dixieland Jamboree and a few marches it also contains some TV themes including Born Free and The Sweeny.   Although not a brass fan, this is actually quite relaxing and its competently done, but what you're dying to know is whether I'm one of the kids on the record.   Sadly no by the time I went there in 88 the band wasn't that much of a big deal, we still had music, but the band took less and less importance.  I can remember they came to our primary school sometime in the mid 80's possibly 86 and performed for us around Christmas time, but apart from that thats all I can remember.    

On a side note, my mate and I volunteered for choir practice they set up one christmas as we thought we could sing (we can't).  It was pretty cool and we had to wear uniform, but apart from singing Silent Night in German  I can remember nothing about it at all apart from it taking place in St Marys Church down at the back of Sainsburys in Woolwich.

Sadly both schools have moved into one now and they focus more on Technology rather than music.  The main campus is at the old Waterfield school in Thamesmead, you can read more here.   The upper school remains as flats though I don't have a photo of that yet. 

Ninja Edit.

The Sweeny from side A.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Bromley Junk Tour.

We decided to get the bus to Bromley one of the nicer areas of town, and unlike east London, not one of my regular haunts.  Its a double jump from where I live, a bus to Lewisham and a choice of buses to Bromley and its Glades Shopping Centre.  With a little side trip as well to Catford seeing as its on the way back.

I did quite well, with a few decent records and a few weird ones as well.  The red cross had some vinyl that wasn't from the ark and we managed to pick up a Heimelektro ep (ELF live) and a Miss Yetti remix EP (half remembered from a Hacker Mix CD).

Our main trip to Bromley was a little disappointing as both Gamestation and CEX had closed down.  Back in the day  that CEX was cool it was the first ever place I saw import playstation games (we picked up Dragon Quest 7 there before the import side was totally killed off) and FFV for Snes in all its job class and impenetrable Japaneseness.  Square did a ballsed up job of localising it for anthology and it took the GBA version before they added a decent script.  Those days are sadly long gone with them dealing with more second hand phones and other peripheral junk.  

There was a few things that did stand out, this includes seeing the worlds blackest child throwing a rugby ball around with his pal.  They also had a guy handing out driving school leaflets which makes a change from the usual weirdos.  Speaking of which they still have the Socialist wankers down by the bus stop in Lewisham, apparently everything is still the tories fault nothing changes.

So we get the bus back to Lewisham and get off early at Catford with its decent array of charity shops.  We managed to pick up quite a few things including some old UK Garage (DJ Hype, maybe awful maybe not) a Californian Raisins EP and The Spoken Word of Rock n Roll. We also got a poetry CD with Michael Rosens Boogy Woogie Buggy on it (still sealed) and an Eat Static EP (because old trance is the bomb.)
Our bus home had fat sea cows rowing with a mum with a pushchair, which just made me reach for my revolver.

Stand out Tracks

Poems For Children Michael Rosen and Friends. 41 Poets for Oxfam.

A mix of poems for Oxfam from Plummeister Michael Rosen (he has Boogy Woogy Buggy and Really!) and a few other nice poems from Ian McMillan, Roger McGough and Gervase Phinn.  Mostly got for the Michael Rosen stuff but the whole of this could be used if I'm in a sentence mixing mood. Like I said above its still sealed and we got this from The Salvation Army for 99p instead of Oxfam.

The Spoken Word of Rock n Roll

Stars Organisation for Spastics grouped together about a billion celebrities for this hatecrime on wax.
Theres Stephen Fry from QI (a baffling version of Elvis Hound Dog), Cannon and Ball, Frank Bruno, Babs Windsor and Russell Grant. Speaking over rock n roll classics.  Thankfully theres no Jimmy Saville but they do cover Gary Glitters Do you Wanna Touch me (if he does call the police) so we are spared Jingle Jangle Jewellery.   Apparently this is sought after because Roger Moore is on this (as is noted Astronomer Patrick Moore) why I  haven't a clue as its balls awful.  The S.O.S is now just the Stars Organisation, though this sort of thing is still going on I believe.

We'll try and get a link going for this if it isn't shot down by the copyright cunts at Youtube.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Who was Archias of Greece

We got another nutjob leaflet from God.  Not actually from god himself just one of his billions of followers here on earth.  It boasts of serious things tomorrow and concerns an Archias of Greece putting off a letter concerning his assasination to go revelling hence the name.

She's got her curlers in.
Because we are a bubblehead who follows everything without question we kept the leaflet and scanned it in for future reference.  Hey maybe this Archias was a well known figure from Greek myth and legend and these are well known parables studied by classicists the world over.

So I decided to dig a little and see on wikipedia if they have anything about a king Archias.

They don't but there are various statesmen and poets on there, maybe they put off serious things till tomorrow, thus sealing their own fate.  There is a link to ancient lets see if there is anythig on Archias there.  Oh goody there are a few Archias, one or two are kings and the rest rulers or poets.  Except they do not mention the whole putting off serious things tomorrow, going for either choosing money over health, or hanging themselves when found out for treachery.

So I decide to look for the origin of the legend and check out the saying through google and it gives us a sermon by traffic shouter and general nutjob Reverend Ian Paisley, (Youtube link but without Harry Enfield playing Gerry Adams in this bit (he wanted Pizza, Palsy didn't that was the joke), incidentally this was shown shortly after the Omagh bombings where something else controversial was pulled at the last minute and this was deemed an acceptable replacement, cue much outrage.)

So there you go unless you especially like Palsys brand of Protestantism (and as an Atheist we don't) and would like a ruler that has nothing specifically memorable written about him or spoken by him then go ahead and knock yourself out.

Me, I think its more like this.

She's still got her curlers in though