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Monday, 29 May 2017

Election 17

We have a general election coming soon and for the first time in my life, I'm not bothering voting.
I'll make no bones that  there will be another hiatus to this channel coming soon and the period I'm away will encompass the actual election.  I could get a postal vote but seeing as I've only ever seen a campaign leaflet for Labour and one independent candidate. Have a read of some badly written nonsense on the Bexley Times website for an overview of my local area (seriously was the sub editor on lunch or something).

To be fair that independent candidate does sound really ace as I found a small booklet of his discarded on the street, a full on old school liberal, that will be lucky to outshine the Christian weirdo's there (spoiler Labour will win as always).

Talking about weirdos The Mail were laying into the UKIP Manifesto on Friday despite them endorsing the cut to overseas aid and a few other campaign policies.  Whole manifesto here if you can give a damn.  The cut price version is half proper Tory manifesto and half Monster Raving Loony, we don't ban burqas here as we're not French, but I'm with you on Brexit and that. Apart from that I can't vote UKIP with their cut price poundshop logo and Edward Hitler as boss.

Paul Nuttall here.

The Tories want to kill off their only voters the old and at the same time also kill off all porn and everything that makes the net worth living under vague civil liberties. They'll probably get it too thanks to that Manchester bombing, Hence an independent.  I can't vote for Labour as they have already won here, also Jeremy Corbyn is a horrible terrorist sympathiser and a Marxist weirdo. Picture him as PM its a car crash.

Worse is Tim Farron, Lib Dem boss, a (should be) committed Christian that has an abysmal record on all things anti gay and looks like a bad photocopy of old Paddy Ashdown former leader of the Libs.  They also are of the delusion that Brexit didn't happen and we can still be friends in Europe, so its glad that I found a pic of him holding a pint of milk a"well known" racist metaphor and looking uncomfortable as fuck. 

Sieg Heil Timothy.

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