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Saturday, 26 December 2009

Merry Boxing Day

Happy holidays, seasoned greetings and all that jazz. Hope you had a grand holiday we got Mario & Luigi Bowsers Inside story and it is brilliant. Oh and a duvet cos its cold.

I've decided to show the world my secular nativity. When I became an Atheist, I really didn't want to give up those traditions that I loved. Presents, Xmas food, cash and decorations. As an offshoot of finding stuff from work, a nativity was made from toys found throughout the year and the result is this.

Mary= Lucy from Peanuts, from a School bus toy, from when I was little.
Joseph= Mario (Was Charlie Brown but he's gone awol), He's a Mc Donalds toy.
Jesus= Nobita from Doraemon, he's from a Spanish Kinder Egg.
High Druid= Kinder toy.
Dragon= Kinder toy.
Lobsters= Big and Small, Both are Magnets from Tenerife, one is wielding an axe.
The Three wise cats= China cats from when my neighbour moved out, they have no gifts and are watching over the great sacrifice of the lord.
Eiffel Tower in the sky= A gift from a pal, it takes the place of the star.
Rabbit and Tyrannosaurus Rex= Wrestling in the back, the Axe also belongs to the rabbit.
Dolphins and Cats= Make up the number.
The palm trees and that make up for the non traditional imagery on show.

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