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Sunday, 30 April 2017


Have a few more terrible god leaflets today.  One is about the Titanic and not the terrible movie from James Cameron. This concerns Pastor John Harper preaching the word as he slowly drowned and how you can be saved if you read a small prayer on the back.  I didn't keep it but did google who he was.  I kinda like his entry on Encyclopaedia Titanica which is short and to the point, rather than the leaflet which is full on god mental.

Sunday, 23 April 2017


There's a new Persona out now, for PS3 + 4. B So far I've played about 10 minutes of it as I currently have a backlog to get through which includes a few casual beat em ups but also has some full on RPG classics like Fallout 3 and Skyrim. 

Because of reasons and that my main test TV is some massive CRT block and our PS3 has a bit of a temperamental drive (although a darn sight better than the original which was borked) so its not the ideal conditions for testing.  It often needs a bit of Streetfighter or Marvel VS Capcom to soften it up before playing (same goes for fallout too).  What I can say in this is that there is some really tiny text in this as well as it not being really aligned well, possibly due to aspect ratio, however what I've played so far is quite good.

There is an opening on the main character being pursued through some sort of casino using the rooftops and shadows to evade guards before inevitably being caught and interrogated by some police types.  They're a far cry from Dojima san who I thought was firm but fair. you have a lawyer woman represent you and talks to you about how you found yourself in this world.  You get a few shots of Igor and Margaret! as well as a name input screen.  And if you want spoilers there is none, that's as far as I got.

So far its more action than Innocent Sin and both Persona 3 and 4 intro which took their time but gripped like a dog about an hour in.  Its not as bad as the original translation of Persona and there is no blackwashing of a main character here though there are gripes on the quality of translation on line with consensus being it being more of a stilted literal translation rather than what we should have these days.

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Easter with the Barkley's

Happy Easter. As you can't quite tell we are down at my aunts place and have to slum it on an old laptop which is far from ideal.  Hope that you all have a nice day and have plenty of chocolate eggs and stuff as its the one day God throws down a Phoenix Down to revive his misbegotten son from the grave. 

I don't do religion so have spent it walking along the pier and looking at dogs.  Honestly there are hundreds of dogs here, including a few designer mongrels and the customary Labrador too.

Thanks to the Everton football scandal I've been reminded of an old cartoon show on TCC called the Barkleys. 
A sort of dog sitcom cartoon thing that was probably based on an old US sitcom (that they stole from us).  Wiki says all in the family which is Til Death Us Do Part and now I really want to see an animated Alf Garnett. To be honest I kinda rememeber the Theme tune in at odd times that Arnie Barkley is the head of the Barkley House.  But apart from that nothing much else, I guess the licence was cheap along with Groovie Goulies? and whatever else Sky put out on a weekday morning (they had an Anime version of the Little Prince / Le Petit Prince too).

Sunday, 9 April 2017

First of the season.

Thanks to some glorious weather here today I've taken the advantage to visit the boot sale for my first visit of the season.  Thanks to our dear mayor Eatadick Khan we can take advantage getting two buses for the price of one, to lessen our costs. 

All in all we had a great day out, some great records bought all at one stall including some classic house and techno and a few bits and bobs including a new laundry bag.  Its a cracker of a day and we did see some stunning sights including a woman in a white dress and a thong underneath plus a really nice arse too, and a few other views in a similar vein.

Other birds included what I hoped were skylarks hopping about the scrub and on the verges some Orange Tip butterflies which I guess are quite early for the year.  Quite a productive season.

Also before I forget Sye Ten Atheist has been banned from Youtube due to vids and such you can read how and why here.  Its sad to see him go as Flinging a Faggot Off a Roof kept me going through the dark times and that and let me know that Tom Lehrer was still alive.

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Crooks, cheats and liars.

Sorry for no post last week and that was all set to regale you about how I brought back a PS3 from the brink but instead got scammed by some cunt pretending to be a cop on the phone.

If you don't know how it goes down its like this.

Scammer phones up pretending to be a cop, gives warrant number and lies out his ass by saying that have caught some people buying expensive shit on your card can you phone the number on the back of your bank card to confirm. 

Scammer doesn't put the phone down but passes it to an associate who tells you your card is blocked, so when you call the bank it goes through right away.  Your bank will never respond that quickly in fact time spent trying to get through the maze of options to the lone woman on customer service, while you listen  to the four seasons for 10 minutes straight should be a warning to you that they are fake.

The third stage with me was some bogus sting operation, with me running around London like Anneka Fucking Rice, handing over my own cash and card fake courier, because fraud operation.  But it could be trying to get your card details either way its not good.

The bank were really helpful, and put us through to the fraud team who are dealing with this.  The police not so much they just gave us a letter from action fraud and no crime number.  I spent a good 20 minutes on the phone trying to speak to a human, though when I did get through, they sorted it out  and gave us a reference number and pass to keep them updated.

It compromised my phone thanks to them calling so I had to switch sims from 1 pay as you go to another, which I still have to sort out.  I don't care about my calls or texts fire bomb the lot and give us a new number and more crucially internet.

In conclusion, your bank or anyone else will *NEVER cold call you about your card being stolen or account being compromised, or ask for your account or pin number.  These people are actually cunts.

(*they will however send a letter offering you to call them instead)

Saturday, 1 April 2017


From today Microsoft are issuing an early patch Tuesday update for Windows 10 that will replace Cortana in all Win 10 builds with Tay.

An unnamed spokesperson for Microsoft has said that this should be an alternative choice to those who have used Cortana before.