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Sunday, 29 January 2017

Weed Anniversary.

To celebrate the fact that this is the 420th post and that this post is going to be about drugs and shit.  420 or 4/20 comes from the horrible yank dating of April 20th Hitlers birthday a supposed legalisation of cannabis and all related products, though looking on line it seems it could be due to time.  If we were going to do it here it would be blaze it 204 as we are date, month year instead of the retarded month day year in the states.

To be honest like most things, I don't give a fuck about drugs, getting drunk or gambling as such, and most of the people I've seen who actually toke a lot were cunts to me.  I'm not going to moan on about legalizing that shit or medical Marijuana use (unless you have peer reviewed articles on what it supposedly treats apart from Glaucoma that they always bring up, that would be an interesting read). 
I'm not going to moan about gateway drugs and that whole nice guy smoked one spliff now a grade A cunt on Heroin, type yellow press that they push in the Mail, cos most people I knew aren't like that.

In fact the best advert for not doing drugs is this, do drugs and you'll end up with the memory of a gnat.  There are a few people I know who's short term memory is all over the place due to drugs and that.  Also if you do drugs you'll end up a cunt but we all know that already. 

Sunday, 22 January 2017

A Mickey Mouse presidency.

God emperor Trump is now president and everyone is losing their shit and virtue signalling like a bastard.  We get it he's a dunce, a blowhard, a jerkwad and a boor.  He sad bad things about wimmins and immigrants, and wants to make America Grate Again.  To be honest I don't even like the guy and I'm siding with him simply for all the weirdos and anti fascist pillocks that seem to be against him.

The worst thing is that I genuinely hate the racists as well, they aren't my kind of people. Even though the worst thing is that there is no outraged middle ground.  Maybe a Father Ted style down with this sort of thing would do.
The moaning goes on and on about the inauguration, about the crowds, about the policies.  I fully expected a jug band or an old man playing the spoons on the actual day instead we have a clip of him singing my way with Melania.

Twitter, that big salt mine online is particularly insufferable, with every virtue signalling bastard squeaking their brains about the inauguration.  So much so its almost painful to wade through each and every bastard post on it and that's both sides of the political divide as well.

In brighter news I've came across my first ever videogame Atheist, in Dungeon Traveler 2.  We finally cleared the Piertan tower dungeon and have rocked up at a church out of town.  There is a small girl in the bushes called Lize.  She outright mocks the benevolent god and donation spiel of her older sister Fiora and says out right that there really isn't a god.  Having a look she seems to be a playable character which means she could be an asset to the team.  I'm guessing Spieler class as she carries around a stuffed penguin.

More worryingly she's 12 and as everyone has some semi nude artwork of them here, this has to potential to be super creepy. 

Edit, yup proper bent ref territory, guess this was one of the censored ones Atlus did.

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Urban Outfitters

We have had snow here for all of half a day and really wish this is the end of it. Not a big fan of the cold and such be glad when the warmer weather arrives. In other news we have a tibbet visitor from next door ghost writing this so if the words are a little wonky then blame him.

Urban Outfitters.

Don't know if you have them around here but these are the most hipsterish things imaginable.  A full on Nathan Barley warehouse, that of course sells LP's and posh notes and stuff.  We went to Bluewater out in Kent today and our nearest store is there.  I always look in, largely at people buying records and the hipster clothes.  Today had something new a cactus stall.  I've been aware that they are up and coming even chic for a while, the current journal has a spread from a trendy pop up in Dalston so its not surprising that UO would start selling them.

The good news is that although overpriced for what they are, what they have is nicely labeled and potted up in terracotta.  There are a few aloes and a huge Euphorbia on the ground in pots with an eyewatering price to match and an Astrophytum in a large pot for £15.  The cheapest are basically some seedlings in individual thimble sized pots for £3, at that size I can't make out what species it is, just that its a cactus.  What you would normally pay around £2-3 from growers and a bit more from a garden center, they are selling for £6.

Nice stuff as well such as some Gymnos, a donkey dick ( AKA Myrtillocactus and yes my one did look like that before succumbing one winter) and some mesembs including a Titanopsis Calcarea. The downside is the price but hey its a hipster store and its Nathan Barley's wearing them as a ring or some such nonsense that are the main market here, not long time growers such as me.

Sunday, 8 January 2017

To Love.

We now have Steam, you know the PC discount prog thing that lets you buy PC games.  Was going to get a few things like Vegas again but it seems like its full price now, I'm getting pissed off with Hit Film Expresses limitations so will be looking for a cheap home version of Vegas Movie Studio.  So far picked up Shadowverse on the excellent Kimimi's suggestion.  It's alright I suppose, its like an Anime Magic The Gathering and I don't really care about MTG at all, could have got it for the phone but it has bugger all space left. Android how about you let us install everything to SD card instead of internal storage.

So far we are stuck at El Ciclo in DQ7 due to some timewarp dungeon and Groundhog Day shenaningans wrought through the clock tower and its portal, but apart from that I've been playing Dungeon Travelers 2 for PS Vita. 

If you like fan service and Dungeon crawling then you'll be in seventh heaven here.  Hell its not like there isn't a shortage of Japanese RPGs on the Vita already but this is one of the best.  Based around a sealing team made up of lightweight, do nothing boss Fried (pronounced Freed) and a team of girls that make up your suppression team.  So far we have ginger warrior type Arisia and a black haired mage called Melky.  Completing this line up is the bird from the shop, a maid and a cursed girl with a shed load of problems. 

Part or Leaf's pervy To Heart Visual Novels for PC, you can see *tit or panty shots of nearly all the girls and bosses in this as everything in this, monster or player character, is female. Well nearly there are a few Therian's in this that aren't, they are Ramen selling Bears, Quest giving Sheep, and a penguin with an ice cream stall.  My favourite has to be a bear done up as Daffyd from Little Britain that runs the shop once when the previous owner joins your team.
Big Gay Beard
The constant crawling is starting to grate at  the moment, but more progression and I've finally opened up class choices for Arissa and Melky so naturally I've gone with berserker and Healer classes.  A solid 8 out of ten and if ever a fan translation pops up of the original, rest assured I'll be on it like a shot.

*but no nipples sadly. 

Sunday, 1 January 2017

New Year.

Still  getting a shed load of spam, here something I've never gotten before, mainly pron and gift card / iphone spam fuckers.

Anyway happy new year to all my readers and that, here is the traditional missed and flipped articles.

Kanye West Pissing over Mysteries of Love.
Do you hate Kanye West or to give him his full name that cunt Kanye West then his tiresome crate digging exercise fucked over Fingers Inc Mysteries Of Love and Harddrive Deep Inside for his shitty ego tripping. Aquaman's best friend indeed.

Matt Whitehead. Bombing EP. 
Not only for bringing back 80's electro on We're Bombing but some excellent acid on the a side as well.  Its been a really good year for acid house, despite losing Spanky and Andreas Gehm so as I've long said before this is a tribute.

Nina Kraviz Fabric 91.
Crate digging techno mix for the troubled club and a belter.  Its got unreleased stuff but isn't hung up on that like it can be and some obscurities but gels together rather well.  Can't wait to see what they'll do for Fabric 100.

Aphex Twin Cheetah.

A new Aphex Release that isn't too bad not Syro bad but with a few great tracks and best of all relegating the video to an Irish fan to basically film him and his mates dancing about.  Based on a drum machine produced by a joystick manufacturer. 


A few good ones such as the Clearscore ad and the Beagle street ad that is mostly about destroying trousers.  The continued pox of Money Supermarket and House of Fraser continues.  And some xmas whimsy from Waitrose with their strange migrating robin advert.

YTP of the year.

Youtube has nixed its supremely helpful all list for a horrible trending that hosts nothing but vile trash from vloggers so all I can remember here is some new CS188 stuff and the septic foundary poops.  No Michael Rosen (though Bear Hunt was on over Christmas) and I've been mostly watching Drew Pickles goes to videos.  Did have Speakonia on the old PC but genuinely enjoy some of the retarded antics of the worlds gayest man.