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Thursday, 10 December 2009

Why I love the Super Nes.

For some reason the SNES holds in my heart the epitome of 16bit gaming.
I never had a Megadrive so Nintendo is my most obvious love of the that era.

Being a Nintendo gamer and a European is kind of like living in Soviet Russia, a shortage of the games released with eyes looking westward and indeed toward Japan at prizes on offer fully denied. Though I can't program for toffee and my Japanese skills are weak I've always looked to what the Romhacking scene does with much awe. Watching folks crack the compression on a Snes game, find room for a new script that won't break the original programming. You got my respect dude.

So it comes as a great surprise to see this being touted over at byuu's gaff. For the uninitiated it (if ever made) will be a base unit that will act like the proposed/ prototype Snes CD add on. Adding wav. sound and admittedly grainy FMV support, and greatly extending data range through to 4GB. Whereas FMV clips and better music are nice to have, that data range is possibly much more interesting.

F'rinstance just imagine Secret Of Mana with the rumoured scenes reinstated, FF6 looking more like its PSone cousin complete with real voice in the opera scene. SF2 Alpha / Zero with full anime intro. Tales of Phantasia / Star Ocean actually being decent instead of average games with washed out looks. Best of all Seiken 3 fully voiced and Chrono trigger with the PSone Cutscenes in.

Romhacking wise, D4S / Ryusui's rework of Breath Of Fire would look pretty awesome (especially given the job Ryusui did with the script, v nice) with added graphics, though some would say it already is cool.

Romancing SaGa 3 with the professor singing, (and sorry guys, a good tweak to the script from a native English speaker). Tokimeki Memorial with room actually for its cribbed from PSX script, oh and some nice cut scenes too. Room for translated speech in Oshaberi Parodius (actually most Konami games are so I'm told hell to work with so extra room would be a bonus) I could go on.

Finally the idea of making new SNES games like Pier Solar for the Mega CD would be very tempting.

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