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Sunday, 23 February 2014


There's been a lot here in the Mail about Trevor Chester club PIE, or Paedophile Information Exchange to give its full title.  I heard about some of this stuff when researching why we don't see 16 year olds in page 3 anymore, but thought it far fetched.  Incidentally whenever I heard of this before I always thought it was a police operation, i.e. they exchanged information on nonces rather like you exchanged football stickers in the playground, rather than a minority group protesting for a (much) lower age of consent. You know the sort of things sex offender gets out of jail and moves out of an area, police send details of offender to his local force saying this person is a nonce please keep tabs. I'm sure it doesn't work like that, unless thats what Keyop  CEOP does.

The story here gives you the full info if you want read it, but if you don't want to visit the Mail Online and thats understandable I'll add a summary below.

Nonce group set up, and allied to Gay rights movement to campaign for legalising incest and lowering age on consent to 4 (yes 4).
Some Labour party MPs including Patricia Hodge and Harriet Harman buy into this as part of a greater human rights agenda rather than human wrongs.
They haven't apologised for belonging to 70's nonce group.
This all happened in the 1970's and is apparently news.
The guy who set up said group is called Keith Hose which is a really silly name.
That's it.

The NF actually opposed the first version of this group, making this the only time apart from The Sound Of Music where you could cheer for the Nazis. P.I.E has long since been disbanded and many of its members are in jail or at least convicted of sexual offences against children. Its old news, Like I say I read this in related articles in Wikipedia, and only the labour party angle is I suspect the main driving point of all this, along with Millichimps dad hating Britain and endless stories about cancer.

Incidentally for something you definitely won't read in the weirdly censorious Mail, here's the lighter side of Smut from Scientific American. SFW. I had to read that in the Independent and agree with it whole heartedly, even if I couldn't find the original article.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

8 Legged Horses and lame ducks.

Hello everyone, I've been through a geeks hell this weekend and with precious little to cheer me up. My aunt had to go in for an operation so we were down at Suffolk for 4 days. She was fine but I had to fix up her old PC at the same time which wasn't.  For starters we brought down an old drive of mine thrown out at work different make but same capacity and of correct type.  Once I'd worked out that this needed to be the master and that installing wasn't such a pain its not as if its used every day just as a back up.  I also brought with me Linux Mint XFCE edition as my main OS as I could reinstall XP (which is what it originally came with) later.

For starters it all went smoothly until halfway through installation it decided to give up and abort. Doing some tests I found it was a crap CD rather than my formatted drive and we made an ISO of it re burnt it and took it out for round 2.  It installed OK and with a few moans worked really well, doing the ace thing Linux does and pick up hardware instantly, I think you know where we're going with this. Time for XP we'll have a dual boot set up like what my old PC has.  Download the correct version of Windows XP (32 Bit Home edition) and we'll install that. Except that it doesn't it would rather wipe my disk clean and install Windows like a cunt.  After a few reboots we have XP loaded in some horrible cramped  resolution because it doesn't recognise our flat screen monitor and is resorting to some generic monitor driver and despite trying to install a billion times through display and add hardware we did the decent  thing and set up Mint as a Dual boot.

I don't care if its outdated and being discontinued, we never got anything installed hardware wise so this copy of XP is not going online we will try and add Service Pack 3 next time I'm down as a fun project (i.e an exercise in torture) and update Mint of course.

8 Legged Horses.

We recently switched browsers as Firefox has become increasingly flaky due to accumulated browser add ons (think flashblock rather than bundled toolbar though we did once have Freecorder).  I've heard cool things about Palemoon a fork for Firefox but decided to use Sleipnir  instead. Its billed as having really beautiful text and it really does deliver on this as its awesome. As an added bonus its displaying my blogger page with its proper login and can use extensions from the Chrome store so I can add block and add on stuff.

Finally fans of Polish cartoons might like to see the Studio Miniatur Filmowich Youtube channel for eastern block cartoons they recently added some endearing Babushka doll cartoons (that one links to the fair episode) to their main channel.  You can sub with the link above if you're on Youtube.  I'm hoping that they'll have Hen A Pippa but I'm not holding my breath.

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Where's my leaflet?

Does this look like they've just dropped a big ole A Bomb here to you.

Hello everyone, if you aren't familiar with the heaven paradox, then you are very lucky. You probably aren't a Fundamental Christian and therefore have a  functioning brain or at least an open mind which is great, really great.  It seems you can't walk down the street without bumping into a guy with some slickly produced (or not so slickly produced) leaflets, handing them out to all and sundry.  To be honest they all say the same thing just from different angels (sorry angles).  Believe in Jesus and accept him as your personal saviour and you'll end up at the above place regardless of race, though they still won't accept your dog.  Don't and you'll end up in hell tormented for all eternity. That's it in a nutshell.

There you'll never have to accept another badly produced leaflet from an over eager street preacher again, though I've never seen an atheist hand out leaflets explain that there is not a god and to stop worrying.

Except there are a few stumbling blocks with the above.  There is no heaven, we've never found a single trace of it, with all our modern telescopes.  Same with hell, although there are areas that aren't conducive to life they are generally not places anything lives let alone one you're sent to as punishment for all eternity.

I'm not sure what passages of the Bible that heaven and hell is described in apart from Revelations which is batshit insane.  They never even called it hell and it certainly isn't a lake of fire or any other nonsense.  Theists will have you that you have to take it on faith that both exist, when there is no evidence of either. For starters whats the ecology of an afterlife is their a food chain like on Earth, does anything up there eat angels or demons or God.

That's why I would rather believe in the laws of nature rather than than the laws of god.  I recommend the Blind Watchmaker by Richard Dawkins though written 20 years ago, its still relevant and though heavy going is going to do you good just like medicine, with the knowledge it imparts. Though you may have to emulate to get any of those biomorph programs to run.

On a side note, possibly due to my autism I've never seen myself as having a soul.  I've always pictured myself a like an automaton or robot: no control, no mind,  nothing to think about, a blank headed mule going through life as best as I can.  This is what makes this blog so hard sometimes, not that I have something to say but nothing, absolutely zero, to actually communicate just like life.

So I started this post with a question that I have never seen any atheist, humanist or agnostic hand out leaflets in the street.  I've seen hindus, sikhs, and muslims with tables full of stuff about the glorious Koran and the prophet muhammed and Allan, wet tip hen ax. But never anything about disbelief.  So I'll put my own maxim up.

There is no afterlife. Stop worrying and live free.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Chinese New Year.

we decided to take a trip uptown to Chinatown and see what the year of the Horse would bring, seeing as its Chinese new year. Also we would take in the Kings road to see what they had to offer in our first uptown junk tour of the new year.

First of all we had to get there, and we may do the whole thing via Oyster card in future as a one day travelcard is now £8.90 and oyster has a daily cap.  And there would be more unpleasantness in store for me.

Unthinkingly I didn't charge my camera so didn't get too many shots and almost none at all of the new year festivities. I'll post some of what I did at the end as it was worth it but you can curse my stupidity for most of this stuff.

Continuing on with my journey, I made it to Sloane Square station without much hassle, pro tip if you want to get back to the West End from here take the next stop to Victoria and change for the Victoria Line and go to  Green Park. You can either exit from there and walk or have the choice of Jubilee or Piccadilly Lines to take you to Bond Street or Leicester Square.

Kings Road then, mostly its unsufferably posh. They have a Waitrose and a Marks & Spencer and a load of boutique shops where if you have to ask the price you can't afford it. I had memories that they had an HMV but nobody makes CDs anymore so it went bust (more on this later).  They had a nice little art gallery specializing in dog prints and watercolours.  I suspect they had other stuff but they wanted £300 for a dog made out of what seems like a bent paper clip stuck on canvas, they had a nice shaggy dog painting but most of the stuff there I could do just as well.

Putting aside all thoughts of dogs, we decided to check out a small mall on the other side of the street, and came across what seems to be a ghetto for the regular high street.  It didn't have a Poundland but it did have a massive branch of the YMCA charity shop (over two floors people) and a mobile phone accessory shop. we got a book in YMCA which is possibly the most inaccurate work on exotic flowers, not only weirdly translated from Italian, but having different pictures on occasion the globe thistle Echinops is represented by a photo of a Chrysanthemum.

Confident that I had seen enough of the Kings road and its utter cunts in sports cars (too noisy), I decided to explore the west end.

Making my way through to Piccadilly we found that the Japan Centre had moved from Regents Street to a place on Shaftsbury avenue.  It seems much smaller now and is entirely upstairs.  Their magazine choice seems smaller too, no Famitsu to pick up but they did have some pricey artbooks on Persona 4 Animation.
we got a nice blueberry Capri Sun jelly drink that was like drinking the jam bit from a Muller Fruit Corner.

Anyway we made our way to the Trocadero and was amazed that they had a small arcade there in the basement.  Its not a patch on the old Leisure Casino (now fruit machine only) but it rivals the original Troc for arcade games.  I.E. it has a load of big showy ride style arcade cabs like Deadstone pirates and Time Crisis, if you like that sort of thing then go ahead. There was some good stuff there, they had a few coin pushers such as X Quacker where I won a manky keyring, and Willie Wheels a driving game aimed at under 5's judging by the size of the cab.

The time I made my way out it was time to hit China town and see what they had to offer by way of entertainment and I wasn't disappointed.  They had the streets closed off and lion dancers complete with drum group at the back and by that time my camera decided to die on me so from this point on there are no photos.

It was crowded and noisy what with the drums, but the lion dancing was amazing as they snaked their way down through the streets and up to the various stores. They had a black lion as well as a yellow lion dancing and the percussion was rather cool.  Seeing enough I decided to look down Oxford street and go through the massively respectable Old Compton Street (the Gay part of town is always well presented) home.

Could have seen Michael Rosen talk about the holocaust at the socialist bookshop but to be honest I'd rather see a nice YTP of him instead. He's got a twitter account here if you want to talk to him, keep it civil and not quote bits of old poops especially stuff like Babyshitter.  Oh yeah HMV is closed, that massive flagship store on Oxford street is now boarded up and looks rather forlorn, no one bought their CDs at massive mark up so now all we have is the Charity shops keeping physical media alive. With that in mind and a short trip to Phonica for a nice compilation on CD we decided to call it a day and go home.

  photos to follow.
Willie Wheels, Incidentally that steering wheel is knee high.

Setting up for lion dancing.
LCD Malfunction at the troc.