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Sunday, 15 January 2017

Urban Outfitters

We have had snow here for all of half a day and really wish this is the end of it. Not a big fan of the cold and such be glad when the warmer weather arrives. In other news we have a tibbet visitor from next door ghost writing this so if the words are a little wonky then blame him.

Urban Outfitters.

Don't know if you have them around here but these are the most hipsterish things imaginable.  A full on Nathan Barley warehouse, that of course sells LP's and posh notes and stuff.  We went to Bluewater out in Kent today and our nearest store is there.  I always look in, largely at people buying records and the hipster clothes.  Today had something new a cactus stall.  I've been aware that they are up and coming even chic for a while, the current journal has a spread from a trendy pop up in Dalston so its not surprising that UO would start selling them.

The good news is that although overpriced for what they are, what they have is nicely labeled and potted up in terracotta.  There are a few aloes and a huge Euphorbia on the ground in pots with an eyewatering price to match and an Astrophytum in a large pot for £15.  The cheapest are basically some seedlings in individual thimble sized pots for £3, at that size I can't make out what species it is, just that its a cactus.  What you would normally pay around £2-3 from growers and a bit more from a garden center, they are selling for £6.

Nice stuff as well such as some Gymnos, a donkey dick ( AKA Myrtillocactus and yes my one did look like that before succumbing one winter) and some mesembs including a Titanopsis Calcarea. The downside is the price but hey its a hipster store and its Nathan Barley's wearing them as a ring or some such nonsense that are the main market here, not long time growers such as me.

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