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Saturday, 19 December 2009

Tis the season to be freezin'

I'm visiting family so I've got a change of surroundings here. Most of the ground outside is covered with snow and indeed ice of varying thickness. So far its been quite thin on the coast and non existant in Lowestoft, right up to snow people in in Thursford, where ironically we were supposed to see an Xmas Show. Ironically we've yet to see a snowman but I guess its only a matter of time.

Does anyone really care about a white Christmas though. Its an obsession with the media classes but to me I could really care less. Now I think about it and caring less even more, none of the Christmasses I've known have been white. Some have had sunshine, most have been overcast and some have even rained, but none that I know have been white. Now that I couldn't care less it seems that this will be a bonus of climate change, fewer gritting jobs and salt bin top ups fewer Africans with cameras wanting photos in the snow, and certainly fewer songs about white Christmas, when its plain to see they're the last thing I've ever known.

Incidentally that African bit is not made up. Its a wonder to see a grown man act like a child seeing snow for the first time. Though kids tend not to have cameras to send the photos back home to Nigeria for boasting rights, This is snow, this is me in the snow, jealous. And yes its bloody surreal, especially when the guy asks for you to snap him standing under a tree holding some snow.

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