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Tuesday, 1 December 2009

More on Lingo and that.

As I said below we tend to use a lot of slang / either at work or at home. Also you'll be familiar with tibbets now.

I'll outline some more words I know now.

1. Weedle.

A weedle is named after a cat I had when I was very small, his name was Whisky and the Weedle name stuck as a kind of nickname. Specifically a Weedle is a black and white cat that is more white than black.
This photo is from Celia Hammond, in Lewisham perfectly describes what a weedle is.
There's not really much more to explain on this only that Susan Boyle's cat pebbles appears to be a weedle.

2. Meat Dog.

A meat dog is any of the Staffy / Pitbull type of dog, in fact any of the over muscled type of dog that is owned by chavs. They tend to be "good with children" but all the owner will talk about is the build and body of his dog, saying its powerful and give it a spiked collar and harness. Oh and give it a name like Tyson that is interchangable with their kids.
If you imagine a stereotypical non specific oriental, going on about his/ her sunday dinner of 'Mutt'on this is the kind of body fetishizing that the chav describes his dogs physique, Hence the name.

That covers animals we shall return later with other word stuff later.

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