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Sunday, 29 March 2015

Ideal Home 2015

Some better news and that, first up, Fox have finally committed to making more X Files, apparently they have Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny on board to make 6 episodes starting in the summer, now all they need is to lure Vince Gilligan from Better Call Saul and have him write for them again as his episodes were always ace.

Also before our main feature I will give you fellow limeys a heads up. Film 4 are having a Studio Ghibli season  (today's feature was the UK version of Arrietty with Olivia Coleman and Geraldine McEwan on excellent voice duty) looks like they'll be Ponyo complete with its ropey Western opening song and My Neighbour Totoro. Fingers crossed for Princess Mononoke with voice duties from... Gillian Anderson.

Much more info here.

Ideal Home.

Took advantage of some early bird offers to get cheap tickets here.  Its a place I've actually got nothing much from but always enjoy going round.  Went with my mum and dad and found out that it'll take place at Olympia and that there are no trains direct, but there is a rail replacement bus.  Look outside and there is a massive queue outside Earl's Court, tailing right back to the crossing.  Waiting in the queue I noticed a guy on a massive scooter (it was huge) and a Jewish guy with a plastic bag covering his fedora ha,t looking not unlike someone shrink wrapped some of the Reddit army.

 Finally got on the bus and we made our way inside, ground floor is traditionally show floor and gardening complete with ideal home of the future and sheds of some description. We noticed a few things, they had a Weedle up for rehoming at the cat's Protection stall. Gregg Buttery Biscuit Bass Wallace was flogging his own range of barbecues on his stall sadly didn't get a photo of him, did however get a shot of Joe Swift from Gardeners World who was very entertaining and doing a talk.   They had the Dutch bulb people over again flogging tulips and much more exotic stuff as well and the garden accessory folk which were selling metal birds which my mum bought for the garden.

There was the usual massive swingers hot tub and spa and new for this year a billion things to vibrate you, cushions, treadmills and chairs all of it pointless and that they also had a kraftmatic adjustable bed for sale with vibe function.

Upstairs is the home and beauty section and food of all description, so if you ever wanted a duck wrap or any amount of artisan cheese this is the place to go.  They also have free samples on offer so had some nice herb cheddar which was ace and some feta which wasn't.  Also they had some champion sausage for sale and proper fudge too (no gay jokes pls).  Finally the beauty bit is always has some hot chicks trying to sell you stuff and there was a dance revue of sorts with some birds dancing around to Womanizer in glasses.

Crow Ornament
Goody bag center, has free lube.
Womaniser dance thing.
Space Cat control.

Bitches on segways.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

First of the season.

Its the first bootsale of the season, well major one as its been bastard cold of late. Decided it was worth going down that way to see what the hell it was all about.  Did I mention it was cold, most of the people were packing up and it was only 11am, it felt like it was racing the clock as people started packing up around me.

Didn't do too badly though, got a few records including a System 7 double pack (Altitude co written with Derrick May that's an instant get for me) and First Choice Let No Man Put Asunder on Serious Records which is an absolute anthem and another instant get.  They had a few people selling games stuff (50 shades of Fifa) and some a stall playing reggae covers (Let It Go from Frozen being one example).  Apart from that quite a nice trip out.

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Terry Pratchett R.I.P

I know I haven't done one of these for a while and really should have put up a tribute to Leonard Nimoy (Star Trek's Dr Spock) as well if it wasn't for the inconvenient fact that I'm not much of a Star Trek fan.

However I am a fan of Discworld and Pratchett in general, so his death from Alzheimer's related complications was right out of the blue.  First picked up his work from the local library as a kid, not his mainline stuff but the Diggers trilogy and Only You Can Save Mankind (which I haven't read in ages something to do with video games).  They had a sci-fi and fantasy section round the back of the teen section so quickly found the Discworld series there, think it was the graphic novel version of The Colour Of Magic that they had as well which was cool.

A good inversion of the regular fantasy tropes and styles which is of course much needed, I still rate Guards Guards and Witches Abroad as the pinnacle of what he did and recently read And I Shall Wear Midnight, which for a kids book touches on a few themes of witch hunts and lynch mob mentality that you wouldn't expect in a book aimed for kids.

Though, there is so many good characters of his I could illustrate this with, I figured it would be best if I would leave you with this photo I found online, as he didn't care about the gods like me.

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Grade A cunt of the year award.

Two things that have really gotten my goat recently the first is pretty innocuous and the second is of course ISIS.

That bloody dress.

A bit of background, I saw this first on Metro as a clickbait article off from the normal Gamecentral page and later on, at various other bits and pieces (forums and facebook and the like).  I follow a page for fellow autists on FB and one of the billion updates they infest my feed with was how the dress (which is blue and black btw) is a good metaphor for Autism and Aspergers symptoms.  I flipped down to the comments and immediately lost my shit, they had what I can only guess is some sort of tumblrette saying that if you do not have autism you cannot comment on what its like to live with it.

My advice is of course to get the fuck over yourself.  You may not have autism yourself but you may live with, or at least know someone who does (true its second hand knowledge, but at least you have an idea of what its like).   I hate the implication that just because you aren't such a thing that you can't talk about it. Hell I'm autistic and I don't suffer from some of the symptoms that are described.  For instance I've never found things to be too bright or overwhelming (I watch Stakker Humanoid for fun Mofos), the sun occasionally but never in everyday life, same with noise, I hate fireworks, storms and motorbikes.  Also sudden noises too but never everyday noises in life and that.

I would imagine that this would apply to several non robot people as well. I think disliking / liking something is universal, you have to comment, just because it doesn't affect you doesn't mean you don't have an opinion on it. If only to provide constructive criticism or even agree with whats said, you're part of the conversation.

ISIS bulldozing Nimrud.

You want to know why I despise religion and these cunts in general, its the bulldozing of the ancient Assyrian city of Nimrud, just because they were and I shit you not "offensive to them".  Of course VAGISIL (Various Arab Groups Invading Syria, Iraq & Lebanon to give them their full name) are well known for being utter cunts, beheading prisoners and oppressing minorities just because they aren't their own backward interpretation of Islam.  But bulldozing a whole ancient city just because its pre islamic and therefore anathema to you.  Of course Christians also destroyed a great many ancient cultures too, just look at central America and the cultures there, but this has really gotten my goat.

Sunday, 1 March 2015


This is a small post just to say that I managed to get PSP Emulator PPSSPP working.  Previously it hasn't supported anything I had and worse required an extra DLL to get working (which of course it didn't), but now they have a new version that also runs on DirectX.  Its not ideal and is less supported but it works, been playing Disgaea 2 and watching it fail to run Jeanne D'Arc.  Will have to try it out with Gradius Deluxe Pack and Persona 3 Portable to see if all the bugs are out of it.

Also learned that John Pilbeam is up for a RHS Medal, a Veitch award for outstanding contributions to horticulture which is cool. Didn't realise it until it was club night and they said that he was up for an award. Incidentally its probably the first time any cactus guy has made the list so double congratulations here.