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Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Sir Stanley Unwin Visital Micepasse

How could I have forgotten the genius of Sir Stanley Unwin. For those unfamiliar with his works here is a short Link. While I won't witter on about Unwinese, I do have a genuine beefy fryload.

Todays roasted cow is of course the social twonk net, Micepasse (myspace). I am for my sins, reluctantly part of this great social notwork, which for a loner such as myself provides the thrill of real friends but without having to go to all the effort of real life stuff.

We have managed to get one of my heroes to join me (the supremely talented Acid genius Andreas Gehm) and we're still waiting for Mr Biffo. The calibre of folks I get are self consciously wacky cunts, and Emo Rocker types. I get the odd gem like Animal suit, who is / are seems genuinely interesting and the odd woman (not odd women natch) to balance it out, but its still skewed heavily in favour of total knobends.

No, my main grief with them is this, try and put up a video edit you made out of NSPCC / Brasseye material and the cunts take it down for copyright violation (though not for sheer bad taste, natch). They then freeze uploading rights and send you to a mandatory copyright violation is bad mmkay pop up link for you to restore them. It really all smacks of diversity training, personally it makes me want to do it even more.

Even worse post a comment on anything and it gets lost in a fog of ASL type requests from people more sadder than myself. In multiple languages ladies and gentlemen, it gets no worse than this.

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