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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Neo Geo X Stats

Finally done and hand translated from an article over at Inside games we bring you NEOGEOX stats.  If your Nihongo is up to it then thats a link to the original article above and please feel free to correct in the comments below, we are nowhere near fluent.

They'll be some comment on certain things too just check for the (*) K.

Lets begin.

NEO-GEO nears Completion [NEOGEOX] on sale from the 6th Dec.

OK Japan LLC (*1) announces the planned worldwide sale of the NeoGeoX entertainment System and
says that it should be on sale from the 6/12/2012 in Japan.

 A few days ago our connections found out the release date of the NeoGeoX Entertainment System. The Handheld NeoGeo (Neo GeoX) has the same case design as originally shown and could come with a possible HDMI out cable (Neo GeoX Station) and Joystick (Neo GeoX Joystick).  It also includes 3 types of cables and an AC adaptor in the same pack.  Also noted here for the first time is a preorder bonus, (Ninja Master's game card).  It'll cost 19,900YEN from 6/12/2012.

Package Outline

HDMI Cable
Stereo AV Cable
Preorder bonus. Ninja Master's Game card enclosed program.

Collected titles (2*)
3 Count Bout / Fire Suplex
League Bowling
Art Of Fighting / Fists of The Dragon Tiger
Magician Lord
ASO II Last Guardian
Metal Slug
Baseball Stars 2
Mutation Nation
Cyber Lip
Nam 1975
Fatal Fury / Garou Densetsu (Hungry Wolf Legend and Special,
Fatal Fury Special / Garou Densetsu Special
Real Bout Fatal Fury Special
The King Of Fighters 95
Samurai Showdown II
King Of The Monsters
Super Sidekicks
Last Resort
World Heroes Perfect.

Official Homepage here in English collecting all software and peripherals in one place (*3)

We feel inclined here to make clear here all (NeoGeoX) internal stats.  According to rumours, seeing as there is an SD card slot it would take extra programs too, though looking through the stats it cannot connect to the internet to do so.  Possibly it will allow you to add more with external SD cards.

Product Resources

OS: Linux (type not stated)
Display  LCD Panel:
Size: 4.3inch
Screen Image Size. 480x272
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
System Memory 256MB
Memory Type DDR II
Memory Frequency (Possibly clock speed) 250MHz
Flash Memory 2GB
Flash Memory Type Trans Flash
Memory Card Standard
Supported Memory Cards: SD Card / MMC
Card Capacity: 1 - 8 GB

Internal Speaker Output: 0.5W x2
Earphone jack: 3.5mm
USB Port Micro USB x1
OTG Standard Equipment
TV Out: HDMI, Composite Video
Battery Capacity: 3.7/2200mAh
Battery Usage (Time) / 6hr Gaming
Charge current 900mA
Charge Time 3 Hours

NeoGeoX Gold Entertainment System on sale from 6/12/2012 priced 19,900 Yen pre tax.

(*1) I've gone with LLC although i'm not sure if they are.
(*2) I've gone to the liberty to translate these into English, and provide a horrible clunky translation from the original Japanese.
(*3) Currently showing bugger all.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Pyngas Entertainment

First up we still haven't gotten round to translating those NeoGeoX Stats at the moment, so if anyone is busting a gut to get them done well I can't help you.

Secondly we've be caught up playing Chefville on Facebook.  Like Stan Marsh in South Park we really didn't want to get caught up with the virtual farming biz but we recently added my cousin as mates and she plays them so now we have a big fuck off cafe in Chefville.

Its called Cornholios for obvious reasons and its not that large, and thats also for a reason. Because while this maybe social gaming, its also coming up against the terminally asocial I.E me.

We really do not welcome the frequent status updates with jokey messages posted on your behalf, nor do we like the complete and utter naked greed at the heart of it all.  Our ethos on DLC and in *app purchase is this unless its pretty freaking awesome or free, then its not worth your money at all.  In fact unless its not on disk I'd go as far as saying pirate it or get the game of the year edition with all bonuses and stuff added.

 *and when did apple naming for programs become standard, you don't have an exe store for non apple programs, though the name does sound awesome, X-STORE go on shout it out.

There is our rub with it, like our Freecorder rant (Applian if you are listening get a webpage based version going like certain youtube downloaders for people to record stuff with.) it has the germ of a good idea but adds a load of cock to it no one wants. 

Do you really need to buy in added spices with real cash, do you really want to purchase additional items to cook with, with real cash.  Do you really want every little milestone posted up on your facebook page or get real world friends to staff virtual resturants or proxy mates for real cash.  Didn't think so.

Then there is creator Zynga, about as welcome in the industry as Aids to a porn set and just as vicious.
As far as we can tell we think chefville is a totally new idea, although running a restaurant is nothing new for gaming.
As far as we can tell, the basic recipe is a mix of evil, Gusts Atelier series for the crafting bits and sim city for restaurant building and a dumb flash game for all the characters. I'm not sure what it was originally ripping off unlike Farmville (harvest moon but online), but I'm damned sure its not original. 


Cornholios is bust, thanks to Zynga, we have line of cardboard boxes for virtual items that will never be finished due to them requiring either real world cash or stupid asinine posting for items.  Let us build stuff and we'll come you bastards.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

The ballad of Kates Tits.

Heres a round up of stuff, including a bit more from the Wisdom Tree, some more info on that handheld Neo Geo and some deeply topical stuff with IM Baciel partys Prophet Muhammad (Caustic Window) film.  Oh and the tits of Kate Middleton.

Wisdom Tree bits.

We decided to not bother hacking anymore of King Of Kings, Spiritual Warfare or Bible Adventures as though I have a shed load of ideas I've got bugger all time to spend learning how to code.  Sad I know, Quitters never win and all that but I have found a few more things that are relevant to the project.  Both Bible Adventures and Spiritual Warfare have a small string of letters that are are used to load in bible quiz questions.  (I did corrupt this by switching a W for an R and may actually do this for King Of Kings which uses the aforementioned huge table of words to build its questions with).  We thought we had this when we found a script with FCEUXs PPU viewer but had our enthusiasm severly curbed when we found out it was just viewing what was in RAM (its RAM nothing stays in RAM). 

On the upside we have found a corrupter that actually works.  Its a custom job from Vinesauce and can be had from their forums, here.  Used in most of their corruption videos and has provided me with a goodly amount of laughs.

NEOGEO Handheld.

Seems that NEO GEO hand held isn't a hoax after all.  Blaze will be punting this out for the European Market so expect this to be in the same vein as their Megadrive Portable. There's full stats in Japanese here and we'll try and get this translated in full, (we know our kana and a few kanji so this won't be too difficult).
We of course will wait untill this is professionally reviewed before casting hard earned brass at this.
Predictable scenes from the Middle East.

MST3K The innocence of the Muslims.

We only learned about this through the excellent Carl Craig facebook feed.  Its a zero budget film adaptation of Muhammads (Mont Sant Michel and St Michaels Mount) life (though originally it was Bin Laden / nameless Egyptian Warlord).  To be honest I would love to see the whole film as it was before it was changed.  Because as it stands now, the film comes across as perfect fodder for Mystery Science Theater 3000.  Badly done chroma jobs and hilarious over dubbing make this a scream rather than anything sacreligious.  Needless to say it caused outrage all over the middle east especially when it was subbed into Arabic, even in the UK with the usual crowd of Islamic Neckbeards protesting.

There is a pretty informed article up on wikipaedia for you to look, though I'd still love to hear a rifftrax version of it. 

Kates Tits.

The other controversy inflaming the western world is some paparazzi shots of the Duchess of Cambridges Tits. Published in the French version of Closer (which judging by the content seems to have a more heterosexual male readership than its English couterpart) and the Irish Daily Star (still big brother and bugger all news I'd imagine) they are some of the grainiest pictures of royal jugs I have seen.  Then we saw the actual distance on the news they were snapped from and I'm guessing they used the hubble telescope to get the shots.  Like Britney Spears snatch though I warn you they are a little underwhelming and if you really want to see out of focus images of some tits you can look here instead.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Wisdom Tree hacking.

For the past 3 days we've been poking over the tired old corpse of a few of the legendary bible games released for the NES.  They were put out by Wisdom Tree a god loving, bootleg software house who as Color Dreams put out some of the worst NES games for the system.   To be honest these aren't the best either, so far we have looked at Bible Adventures, King Of Kings and Spiritual Warfare.

Those reviews just about sum up the amount of ludicrousness that these games hold.  Besides theres only so much Go tell it to the mountain that one person can take before he starts reaching for the petrol looking for a church to burn down. 

We're pretty new to this whole romhacking scene our only other hack is a version of Bubble Bobble edited with arcade levels for the NES, made in a level editor and punted out last year.  I cannot program so this is just a bit of documenting of things I've found and maybe some tile map editing with Tile Layer Pro to make improved sprites.

OK on with the show.
Our initial aim was to make a corruption video of the series using rom corruptors to show some funny glitches and bizarre behaviour, to be honest we did that but used a hex editor to do the job instead.

About halfway through the rom of Bible Adventures we came across some text including title screen descriptions and continue screen text.  We decided to have a look at this and found that not only can you edit this but work out the rest of the letter spaces to create a table.  Then we loaded up King Of Kings and Spiritual Warfare and found more text that shared the exact hex codes meaning the table is universal to all of the Wisdom Tree games (or at least the three I tried). Spiritual Warfare is detailled up on Data crystal so we'll add some stuff from King of Kings, Bible Adventures didn't get a lot of love but we'll cast a critical eye over it later.

King of Kings stores its text mainly at $1887A and a massive wall of words at $194E8.  These are rated in order of size from smallest to largest so I'm guessing there is a table to look up stuff and generate bible passages whenever you pick a scroll up.  Its funny to substitue words of the same length to make hideous quotes and passages.

Like so. We haven't found much else that is intelligble just yet just some title screen text which may become a Chuckle Brothers Hack.

Spiritual Warfare is much better with miles more text set out in lines however amending this breaks the screen layout and crashes the game in the case of item descriptions. Not noted on Data Crystal is where the question subgame text is (its at Address $9344) and then seems to be letters only, amending these creates much cave speak in the minigame, so someone better can look at it and maybe make sense of it. 

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Romford Junk tour.

So we haven't been here in a while, we decided to dodge most of east London due to the olympics, now that the paralympics is underway I feel its time to venture out in this direction again. 

We made it out to what we call the orange county (Essex) enjoying a sleep on the bus from Canning town (takes an hour so you can get some shut eye).  Our main tasks are looking for records and an external HDD case (SATA) for a recovered Tivo HD (1 TB shame it didn't work).  We did however come home with some stuff.

PET Player one ready.

Some indie band that sounds vaguely electronic, not the best actually or has any single track that is redeeming so its going in the out pile.

One Self: Children of Possibilty.

A collaboration between DJ Vadim, Yarah Bravo and Blu Rum 13. Ninjatune stuff is generally worth picking up even if you don't really care about hip hop.  We haven't listened to this yet so we'll update you when we do.  We did however rate Your Revolution with Jill Scott so this may be worth keeping.

Eleven Phases A Detroit Compilation disc.

Magic words indeed. This is on sublime records and is an odd beast.  Its essentially techno artists doing hip hop beats,  so you have the best of the second wave of detroits finest serving up some cool beats.  Daniel Bells track is possibly the best along with Will Web and Kenny Larkin as Lark Daddy.  The weakest is Thomas (nude photo) Barnett, who's track ravish doesn't actually live up to much and is a shame seeing as I generally rate his stuff.

Finally some more oddities,  we didn't get they had a Japanese Saturn Game for sale in one of the charity shops.  Before you get excited its Super Casino Speciale from Coconuts which looking around got a Euro Release for PS1 as Vegas Casino via the Midas Interactive label.

Its really baffling to see something like that appear in a charity shop, as old PC games and endless versions of Fifa Football are the regular fodder for places like that.  We didn't get it as its not really my favourite genre even if it did have its spine card and funny Engrish on the back page.

Thatz Entertainment had a decent couple of Atlus Games for sale including Growlanser and Sting licensed  Gungir, and something from Aksys games, (clue its Jikandia which reading up on it sounds awesome).   Sadly we were broke by then so we will have to wait its turn maybe around Christmas.

(Post script) We returned yesterday and the Saturn game had gone. Who knows who bought it but there its gone.  Also they had author Martina Cole signing books on a bookstall (rather than Waterstones) which is odd to say the least.