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Sunday, 5 March 2017

Micro Mart.

Decided not to go back for those two records after all as to be honest I didn't put any money down to reserve them and its the other side of town.  Still pretty regressive of them not to sell them to me priced seeing as I could probably get a fair deal on them for now.  Anyway on with today's sermon.

There's been quite a few things that have come to the end that I quite enjoyed reading, such as Micro Mart for one.    A British computer magazine that for once  covered the whole range of PCs, from a monthly 8 bit column to articles on Linux, Mac and PC itself via Amiga stuff.   I didn't get every issue but after stumbling across it I did get it when it had an interesting cover and that.  And now its gone as of the new year its finished thanks to falling sales and print media dying off.  A shame as it was always a good read. 

In a related vein Computer Music Magazine has stopped their trackers and Demo scene column due to lack of interest as well.  As someone who cannot get on with Fruity Loops style interface and such its a shame that its gone too (but understanding if its not popular) as it gave quite a bit of info regarding new tracker releases.  Its still worth it for free plug in round up and the back page classic hardware look back and what soft synth recreates this (or what effect if its a filter or reverb).

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