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Monday, 28 December 2009


Today we had a visit from my Aunt and Uncle. They brought with them the grandkids, but not my cousin who for complex reasons is estranged from them.

Its nice to see them seeing as they only come up once a year and so, we got presents from them, Gillette stuff and HMV voucher.

My cousins kids are 13 and 11 respectfully they have an older brother who not only is mixed race but a certified dunce. His dad is a crim (currently at Her Majestys pleasure) and his mum is a fat slag (though she was definitely shaggable back in the day) he really doesn't stand a chance in life which is a shame.

The other two are pretty much normal, the middle child is gonna be real pretty when older and is like me a bookworm. The youngest is funny and really likes cats, ginger got lugged around a lot today and the others didn't get off lightly too. He did get his own back by climbing onto his back and sitting there (its gingers party piece).

Anyway we were sitting down to dinner when my aunt casually dropped this into the conversation, that the pickle fork we had was made by my Grandad from a Messerschmitt part. Warplane scrap reforged into cutlery, nothings going to top that, ever.

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