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Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Inaugural Postage

This is the first post of the Lobster Egg blog. You may know me as Monty Mole / Bear Or Bust on such forums as BX, WOS or RHDN. This is a link to my cakehole where I rant about film, games, music, Japanese stuff and television (specifically old English cablevision).

I'd like to explain a few things first.

1. A tibbet is kitchen table slang that I've used for ages. It means cat, we have no clue where it comes from. Due to work and that we tend to use a lot of made up words and catchphrases, though I'll save them for post two.

2. Box is self explanatory... Sort of. In the first instance it means
like a letterbox for posting blogs and other stuff. However as in old house the Box was a club. This could be worked, Jacked, or even bounced your body to. So I'll use that as our guide a letterbox to dance to.

3. There is no 3.

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