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Sunday, 29 January 2017

Weed Anniversary.

To celebrate the fact that this is the 420th post and that this post is going to be about drugs and shit.  420 or 4/20 comes from the horrible yank dating of April 20th Hitlers birthday a supposed legalisation of cannabis and all related products, though looking on line it seems it could be due to time.  If we were going to do it here it would be blaze it 204 as we are date, month year instead of the retarded month day year in the states.

To be honest like most things, I don't give a fuck about drugs, getting drunk or gambling as such, and most of the people I've seen who actually toke a lot were cunts to me.  I'm not going to moan on about legalizing that shit or medical Marijuana use (unless you have peer reviewed articles on what it supposedly treats apart from Glaucoma that they always bring up, that would be an interesting read). 
I'm not going to moan about gateway drugs and that whole nice guy smoked one spliff now a grade A cunt on Heroin, type yellow press that they push in the Mail, cos most people I knew aren't like that.

In fact the best advert for not doing drugs is this, do drugs and you'll end up with the memory of a gnat.  There are a few people I know who's short term memory is all over the place due to drugs and that.  Also if you do drugs you'll end up a cunt but we all know that already. 

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