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Sunday, 25 July 2010

Holiday round up.

First some sad news, Alex Higgins known to millions as the Hurricane has been blown out from this world sadly due to complications with cancer.  I'll repeat this that I first saw him on TV as a kid, playing Jimmy White, the guy won a match against him pulling off crazy shots, half the time not in position at all.  He will be missed.

Secondly out thoughts go out to those victims of the loveparade tragedy, the more I read of this, the more I'm saddened by the whole organisation.
Go here and click on the video for more info, actually, fuck the BBC and go here for all the info. Man they had Anthony Rother playing as well, thats tough dudes.

Finally some good news WosBlog is back up and running, no thanks to shameless plagiarist Olin Coles at Benchmark reviews.

Ah You'll be wondering where we were for at least a fortnight, Well we were living it up in Mallorca at the lovely resort of Son Baulo.  Its in the north east of the island to the east of the town C'an Picafort, notable attractions include.

Son Real Necropolis, an Iron age {though they call it stone age, its in operation circa 7-5C BCE so really iron age.}
Bar Puput, which we previously thought of only as onomatopeia for africans talking but is actually the English for bar Hoopoe (a type of bird). 
A good 2 miles plus of Sand dune coastline, complete with eel grass covered beaches and wild leeks.

Not your conventional trips out but still worth a look especially if you looking for nature.  Most of these areas are of course covered by the environmental protection and the Mallorquin take real pride in their natural landscape, which is how it should be.  We saw a lot of butterflies, including Swallowtails and Brimstones and an awful lot of cicadas, which was very unusual by their extreme conspicuousness.  Also they have walks organised to the Son Real estate, a farm that also operates as the local museum.  Its pretty cool to see, a mix of farming implements and memories of the way of life of the workers.  The top two floors held a photo exposition on the local birdlife (ducks featured prominently there's quite a lot of standing water there) and the necropolis down on the coast.

One of the things they didn't mention, was that they had wild tortoises. We only saw the one, but it was utterly entrancing.  Its about the size of a rich tea biscuit and near enough the same colour, it spent its time slowly making its way across the path in the woods.  Just in case you don't believe me we took video to back up our information.  In this case we will leave you with ten seconds of tortoise magic.

Friday, 23 July 2010

This is why we can't have nice things.

For those of you who are slow on the uptake WosBlog has been taken offline.  It had been running a story against the site Benchmark tech for pilfering  from puff pieces and marketing guff put out by a posh chair company in its review of a swanky chair.  Full drama plays out here.

Consequently they put up a cease and desist order along with blocking the Revs many Email Addresses from posting comments in their forums, the upshot is WosBlog is banzored.

Now I don't agree with all that Stu says and that: I wasn't around in the Early 90's years when he was in Amiga Power, only getting an Amiga long after it died in the mid to late 90's.   I only got into him as the angry guy from Digitiser, who pissed off Amiga owners in their droves (or rather drove) calling for its extinction, and railing against laborious PC setups and non re definable keys in FPS games.

I've been a WOS member long before the long and acrimonious split that created BX from his whole £2 a month subscribers bonus supergroup, and long, long before world of trolls and the whole flat top hate site.

We fully hope that this whole mess will be sorted out sooner or later but for now from me (Adam) we'll say this.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Happy 50th post

If you haven't gathered were back from holiday, two weeks in the sun, so we have the equivalent of being snowed under by various junk mail and of course Youtube updates.

Consequently theres no update this week, but we'll keep plugging away throughout with various bits of shit.

Saturday, 3 July 2010


We'll not be updating for a while so to tide you over here is a short video we made to get you in the mood.

Ne Yo Beautiful Monster 80's Cover.

Contains 303 beats and Chris Crocker.