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Saturday, 3 May 2014

Acid Day Round up.

You'll get three, yes three postings over the bank holiday period so hold on tight as I'll take you on a trip up town and have a few round up of smaller news too.

PS2 to get unofficial Sixaxis support.

I never did actually grade up to PS3, what with the rise of online consoles, online updates, RROD / YLOD and the fact that the TV I used for gaming before fucking off to the darkside of portable gaming, was basically a tiny CRT portable, means that I don't know if those new dualshocks for PS3 and PS4 was backwardly compatible with the humble PS2 (hint they aren't).  
Ginger and TV for comparison.
However it looks like someone is finally getting their act together and hacking back support for those newer Dualshocks.  Looking at his Cheeky Github it seems there is also a library there for Wii as well so as long as you have a means to read homebrew on either Wii or PS2 then it seems that its worth a punt.  For me I don't have a PS3 or PS4 Dualshock to test out so no go here.

ACID Day.  (: ) )   
A trip up town today to see if they have this in stock, and came home disappointed (well sort of). I didn't get it as I crucially forgot its name but came up trumps in other regards. 

First of all a trip to Phonica as they are boss, and looking in there they have the new Luke Vibert album, Ridmik, if you liked Ace Of Clubs on FirstCask records then this is right up your alley, its acid all the way with Proper Gander being my highlight and track of the year.  They also had Interfunks off shoot Fatjack on his own label Acidicted with the superior Acidflash and  passed up on a promo version of Karim Sahraoui on Transmat (with bonus Strings Of Life). 

We thought we would look into Sounds of the Universe on the corner of Wardour Street and see if they had it.  They always have weird stuff so if you want that old afrofunk album its the place to look as they are boss.
Still couldn't think what it was on but looking through their stacks of house they had Paranoid London Paris Dub 2 which was one of my tracks of last year.  Massive old school acid monster and I'm having that.  We decided to veer off onto to the gay bit and see if an old arcade is still around, yup and  had a few pinballs for play but they were fucked.  Metallica pinball wouldn't even give us a game and lost about a quid on Pacman ball.

All in all a good trip out.

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