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Sunday, 18 May 2014

A Tumblr half full!

Been looking into getting a Tumblr account to document a few messed up ROM Corruption screen grabs as a kind of modern art thing, but have come across a few stumbling blocks vis a vis accessibility.  I already follow a few folks tumblrs via bookmarking rather than sign up and already it seems that as a Straight White Male with Aspergers who is happy with his gender I'll probably not be accepted.

Most of the posts on here are heavy on the Misandry, if you don't know what that is its kind of like those adverts where the guy is portrayed an imbecile by a group of laughing women i.e its the opposite of Misogyny.  Oh being called a rapist by some Millie Tant wannabe with cropped hair and unshaved legs is fine but it gets worse.  Most of the people on their seem to be transexual or sympathize with the trans community, and apparently we 'Cisgender scum' don't get how hard it is every day for them.  For those who don't get it cisgender = gender normal, I.E if you were born the sex you wanted to be instead of in the wrong body.

I don't have a problem with this except that its a FUCKING stupid name for us.  It sounds worryingly close to Cif floor cleaner (what we used to call Jif back in the day) and I personally would have gone with gender locked and gender unlocked, still thats me.

In other news I found out that the imbecile factory that is Kiss FM, had a Record library.  I got some decent stuff today at a bootsale and saw they had these stickers on them that said Kiss FM Record Library, can't find much online and what there was is from Google books. They had some pretty good stuff mind I got a
Live at the Brain compilation and Bobby Konders Bad Boy Dance and some non library stuff including a white label of MLO Wimbourne (or Wimbourn as its shown on the label due to a missing 'E') and a hard techno compilation that is mostly Freddy Fresh and Woody McBride tracks which is cool.

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