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Sunday, 27 April 2014

Printer and round up

Here is a brief round up of stuff that I've found useful this week before I'll drop a brand new hardware review on you.

I didn't actually get Pacman or E.T for the VCS back in the day so the worst I ever played was their dull conversion of  Space Invaders, though not actually bad enough  to bury in the desert like ET was.  I heard the tales that they were buried and thought oh well, we'll never see those again.  30 years later and it looks like some of those rubbish E T carts came to light thanks to a new documentary and a dig at the tip.

As someone who has pissed around with trackers for ages now I'm always amazed how they always seem to crop up for the weirdest of systems.  This is a combined  tracker that will let you compose music for the Sega Megadrive and NeoGeo consoles.  Its PC only at the moment but hasn't really been updated in 8 years, so if you're holding out for a port then you're out of luck.  Its not a bad thing to be honest but if you are serious about wanting  that Megadrive sound and use a daw that can handle VST instruments then VOPM is a pretty good replacement (if a little quiet I find).

Printer Epson SX215

Found this chucked out at work and couldn't quite work out why it was junked.  For starters, I had to replace some inks in it and for once didn't have to spend an arm and a leg to do so.  My realization came when all inks was firmly in and it was time to print something.  All the test pages I printed (two) where horribly chewed up.  I'm pretty sure that's why it was thrown out as the scanner works perfectly. 

 Its a nice printer with an LCD screen and a few slots to take memory cards, so you can print from camera cards to photo paper if you have it.  You'll also need to know that to perform any type of maintenance on it you'll need to press Index sheet and scan together.  Knowing that and that the inks aren't that badly priced (£12 for black and around £!0 for colours with recons going for slightly less), I can recommend this, (so long as I can find out whats causing it to jam).

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