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Sunday, 4 May 2014

Abusing Android for fun and profit.

As I'm an idiot and am sure I've done something like this before, I've always wondered how far Android can be taken and what other stuff I'd love to see improved.  It all started with a report that some Samsung cameras now run Android, and its gotten me thinking what else could you cobble together to run Android with. First of all....

A Camera.

Link above aside, I would really love this to be used on a serious camera, with all that entails such as additional lenses and the added function of something like Photoshop built in.  Add generic ports for PC out and massive battery life and this could be a winner.

A Smart Phone.

My idea of a smart phone is perhaps a lot more different than yours.  For starters I did a whole post on these a few years back, essentially it had a DS clamshell design with physical controls, and a seamless emulation of every system going. So far only the new Blackberrys really measure up to that with their sideloading of Android apps because their own appstore resembles a tumbleweed strewn graveyard compared to the main players.

My revised take on this is still a DS clamshell design but with one side as a dedicated keyboard and the other as the main phone screen, sort of like an updated PDA.

A Tablet.

Yeah I know these are "highly original", but these do have a twist with them.  For some unknown reason, I would love a tablet that incorporates two unorthodox ideas.  The first is a Graphene battery, for massive power reduction and to free up space as it'll be the size of a wafer.  I see the guys at work constantly charging their phones most of the day, and would think that if they could get this to run equal to the battery life of the old green screen Gameboy it would be excellent.
The final thing I'd love to see added would be a solid state drive, those ultrathin and fast drives you add to PC in order to speed up loading. I've a neat idea where you don't get any removable storage slots, just a SSD which loads pre partitioned with Android and places to put stuff.

A Console of sorts.

My Final twist on this is probably the most contentious of all. A lot of people seem to have done this, whether its OUYA via Kickstarter or some of the big companies, my idea is just a pure pirate device.  Taking my cue from the limitless supplies of  Famiclones out there, I would love to see an Android set top box recorder, along the lines of  the Sky + or Tivo that doubles as a console.  Unlike most of these android devices, it wouldn't be an online smart TV (there's plenty of those), but would allow you to record TV instead, dump it out onto memory stick or memory card for upload to PC in a variety of formats, or simply store it to its internal Hard Drive.

It would gain updates via the internet either through the phone line or memory card via its internal card reader. Finally it would play android games downloaded via  the net as APK. files and would soft patch in external controls for any controller added to it via USB.

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