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Sunday, 11 May 2014

Steve Moore R.I.P

Had a weird coincidence in the week.  As part of the big bank holiday weekend I went on various trips out, the West end, up on the tube to Epping and closer to home at Oxleas Wood (we didn't write about this but suffice to say the highlight was a small dog getting into the cafe and scrounging before being ushered out) and just a side note I've been reading the current issue of  Fortean Times (the greatest men's magazine ever) and there is a picture of Severndroog Castle which is part of Oxleas Wood with the late comic artist Steve Moore (it was his obituary).

It set a few flags up in my brain as his face seemed familiar and the article said that he lived at Shooters Hill (a local) and I turned the page and then it hit me.  There was a photo of three people Alan Moore (no relation) creator of The Watchman comics, Steve in the middle and his brother Chris at the end who I knew.  
For those of you who don't know who Chris was, he was our cactus club treasurer and expert grower of Asclepiad plants, up until his death from Motor Neurone Disease back in 2009 and a really nice guy.  I didn't know he had a brother who was famous and he never really said that much about it, he may have came to one or two of our meetings when Chris was in a wheelchair (this would have been around 2007) but it was just a vague memory and probably not correct.

Looking on Wikipedia they have a list of the stuff  Steve worked on including a lot of  2000AD stuff and Marvel comics as well as a lot of stuff on Chinese topics for Fortean Times (current issue has an article of his on a 1st century sorcery panic) and compiling anthologies like strange deaths and the Fortean Times source books.  

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