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Sunday, 23 March 2014

Your less than Ideal Home

We decided to take ourselves up town, with the last of my leave and enjoy the Ideal home exhibition, a paeon  to all those things you see on the infomercials.  Last time I went I took a pretty ropey picture of Linda Barker well I've got a much worse celebrity snap for you now.  Taking advantage of a promo email to get in for £9, (thats a whole pound cheaper than concessions) I took my trusty camera and made my way down to Earls Court.

Celebrities, included buttery biscuit bass John Torode, Suzi Perry from Channel 5s Gadget Show, rusty metal fan and garden designer Dairmuid Gavin and interior design fop Lawrence Llewelyn Bowen. Guess who I saw.
Yep that dot is Lawrence.

To be honest I did see Lawrence much closer up but by that time I couldn't be bothered to take a better shot of him and it wasn't if his mug wasn't plastered everywhere which it was.

Anyway the ground floor is still dominated by gardening and electronics including white elephant stuff such as Solar Panelling and wooden lodges which nobody has room for.  The best thing was a show bathroom with an unbelievably creepy white tile / metal bath combo looking like something from a BDSM torture dungeon.

We had a coffee at massively inflated prices from a stall and a nose round the dutch bulb stall which sold a massive amount of tulips and other less hardy plants for sale. 

Up the top is the food stalls and other diy products including 50 versions of steam cleaner and a section on beauty products including yoga and "facials".  Highlights included a palatable Gallo wine free sample in a tiny glass (incidentally thats about as much wine as I can stomach), a beautician with the most massive tits imaginable (didn't get the name of the stall or a photo of her either) and the Battersea Dogs home stall which is always nice.  We saw a few guide dogs around so we guess they were dogs in training and a bit of Jean Christophe Novelli making Gazpacho.  We took a final look around and took the tube back home with a load of kids from Foxfield school one of the local primary schools where I'm from.
Fnarr Fnarr Fwoo Fwoo
I'm here to fix your sink. . . 
Dear dogs.
Reminds me of Little Kings Story for Wii

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