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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Late comers, and belated round ups.

Well looks like that P.I.E story has legs after all, at time of writing Harriet Harman has yet to apologise on her role in promoting PIE in the seventies although Patricia Hodge has distanced herself from the whole affair.  We still don't think its really news, although the variety of people who were linked to proto liberty who are now prominent Labour party members, activists or lobbyists is in my eyes. It seems the left have their own Bullingdon clubs for over privileged idiots who have no practicable experience with anything in the real world.

Just once I'd like to see a party made up of experienced older people who have worked in the real world, not some Eton loser or some stupid Islington equalities Quango reject that has no real world application. A party neither left nor right but based on common sense ideas, though I guess common sense is anathema to politics.


There is a preliminary version of the progress log in M.A.M.E/MESS in 2013 from David Haywood A.K.A Haze.  It still needs proof reading and I warn you its a long old read but if you are at a loss at work or need to kill time then this is probably the way to do it.  Taking in everything from Pinball to Data East Coin op protection with prototype Bubble Symphony on the way, its a long list of everything that has gone on in the last 12 months or so of MAME and its Multi Console compatriot MESS.

Finally there is some belated music round up including two newish Rephlex albums from EOD and Bochum Welt that are worth noting.  Both released last year and I got both only yesterday so that they couldn't be included in the big boxing day round up last year.  Also there is a brilliant little documentary by Matthew Herbert on Radio 4 that is worth hearing its called the Art of The Loop its up on Iplayer so non brits may have to grab the excellent Get IPlayer to listen in (unless you're reading this years later then it may be on Youtube).

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