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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Hall Place

Don't know if I've ever given a report from here, but today I was down at Hall Place in Bexleyheath taking in the wildlife and enjoying the sun.  Its a really nice place out at Bexley as the link above shows they have a butterfly exhibition on and a hands on display by Jambs owls and their parliament of owls. (incidentally I would love to be governed by parliament of owls they could solve major problems and keep rodent infestations down at the same time).

First of all they have a small greenhouse with a limited display of tropical species including a banana plant a large Plumeria and an impressive bottle brush (Callistemon) situated round a large pool.  The owls and butterfly exhibits are further down in more shaded and tropical glasshouses. I didn't go into to see them but did rake around the plant areas outside they had some Jatropha and small Hoyas for sale at quite expensive prices.

The main outside area revolves around a small river and the grounds are home to a lot of geese and ducks. I was lucky enough to see some greylags having a fight though unlucky enough not to catch them on camera as I wanted film and the pentax I use is fiddly for film. Windows doesn't like reading its memory card for some reason as it'll corrupt shots as will this isn't present in Linux Mint.

Anyway you want some pictures a few maybe old shots from previous visits. Here you go.
Orange plants for sale

Bottlebrush bush
Jambs Owls
Even though this is an old shot its still not changed to Aloe Arborescens

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