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Sunday, 30 March 2014

In which I vent on some ignorant chavs.

Disappointing news this week. I was hassled by some chavs in a car, nothing serious just general hassle. 
Thanks to Eltham BCSS folding there's a new club night over at Bromley and a mates decided to pick us up at Welling High street as it'll take 3 buses to get there and as I never learned to drive it'll be easier that way.

Getting off the bus and making my way down to the pick up point I could hear this beeping coming from a 4x4 out from the road. Thanks to my aspergers I never know if its for me, someone else or if I know the driver or not.  Sad to say this I didn't know them and they seemed to think I'm some sort of Trevor as they shouted out Paedo as the drove past.  

Trouble is these things affect people like me a lot more than regular folk (thin skin and feeling more and jesus do I really look like I fiddle kids?), and it played on my mind all through the talk (The cacti of Bahia state Brazil if you're interested), and to be honest up until now. Imagining and envisioning various tortures on the inhabitants of said 4x4 isn't the most productive but sure is fun and I was going to outline a few (a knee capping followed by foreign object anal rape before leaving them to bleed out and die from their wounds is my current favourite, trust me, I, like anonymous do not forgive nor forget).  

But I won't (except for the above) as it seems to be a thing, a way of keeping the non normal down by the supposed normal majority,  who believe that they have the moral superiority over the learning disabled and unaware peoples of the world. Fuck 'em' they aren't normal so they must all be Trevors and nonces is their logic.  Case in point, they had some story a few months ago about an Iranian guy who was killed off by chavs who reckoned he was a nonce (he wasn't) simply because he took photos of kids damaging his plants.  
They were sentenced to 18 years but they'll get less than that, a cushy prison ride with TV in their cells and a pat on the back for killing a 'paedo'.  They probably never held a job down in their lives or done anything productive to society except knock out a few more ignorant chav spawn probably called Tyler or Taylor and the whole cycle repeats.

The fact that most paedophiles are overwhelmingly relatives or close family friends is always glossed over rather than the kid fiddling kidnapper in the park or the weirdo in the street. Don't believe me just read nearly every woman's mag like Chat or Take A Break  they always have some paedophile story along with murder by spouses or domestic violence which always makes me wonder if they're edited by Whitehouse fans.

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