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Sunday, 9 March 2014

Ace(r) Camera

Here's something, we've found an old camera thrown out at work, so why not do some sort of review of it.

Its an... Acer CI-6330 from about the mid 2000s with a 6 Megapixel lens and 3x optical zoom plus 4x digital zoom. There's full details in that link above about its various stats and stuff but this isn't a bad bit of kit.

Like I say it was binned for reasons I suspect is entirely down to its absolutely brutal battery life. We road tested it today down by the riverside and got through 12 shots before it started moaning about low battery and shut itself down like a whiny little cunt, no amount of coaxing could get it to show another shot so we missed out on a classic image of  a badly painted knock off Barbie that looked like it had a cold sore, in Sams 99p store.

There are a few other niggles with it that means that I am definitely looking a gift horse in the mouth here. The first is that whenever you switch to a preview it spurts text all over image for a few seconds thus obscuring your view and the last is its finicky with its SD cards an old SD card works fine as does a Micro SD card in its adaptor, but anything else causes a card error especially when I've added some SDHC cards that I've had and used in other cameras.

The good points to this though are the absolutely massive zoom on it and the fact that its whisper quiet so you can take wildlife shots without alerting them.  If you want a massively detailed image from far away then this would be good to use it's a shame that it'll probably run out of battery life before you had a chance to focus on anything.

Incidentally image quality is rather nice on this as you can see if you scroll down (ignore the first two they were taken by the digital zoom) and its reassuringly heavy and well built. Which is another plus point to the whole thing.

In Conclusion.

A well built camera with a nice zoom and a few niggles let down by an absolutely brutally short battery life.
These Oystercatchers were a good 40 feet away.
Mud and general decay.

Little Dunnock tests the Digital Zoom.
Small Tortoishell out in the early March sun.
Do not adjust your eyes this is down on the Thames at Erith.

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