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Sunday, 23 February 2014


There's been a lot here in the Mail about Trevor Chester club PIE, or Paedophile Information Exchange to give its full title.  I heard about some of this stuff when researching why we don't see 16 year olds in page 3 anymore, but thought it far fetched.  Incidentally whenever I heard of this before I always thought it was a police operation, i.e. they exchanged information on nonces rather like you exchanged football stickers in the playground, rather than a minority group protesting for a (much) lower age of consent. You know the sort of things sex offender gets out of jail and moves out of an area, police send details of offender to his local force saying this person is a nonce please keep tabs. I'm sure it doesn't work like that, unless thats what Keyop  CEOP does.

The story here gives you the full info if you want read it, but if you don't want to visit the Mail Online and thats understandable I'll add a summary below.

Nonce group set up, and allied to Gay rights movement to campaign for legalising incest and lowering age on consent to 4 (yes 4).
Some Labour party MPs including Patricia Hodge and Harriet Harman buy into this as part of a greater human rights agenda rather than human wrongs.
They haven't apologised for belonging to 70's nonce group.
This all happened in the 1970's and is apparently news.
The guy who set up said group is called Keith Hose which is a really silly name.
That's it.

The NF actually opposed the first version of this group, making this the only time apart from The Sound Of Music where you could cheer for the Nazis. P.I.E has long since been disbanded and many of its members are in jail or at least convicted of sexual offences against children. Its old news, Like I say I read this in related articles in Wikipedia, and only the labour party angle is I suspect the main driving point of all this, along with Millichimps dad hating Britain and endless stories about cancer.

Incidentally for something you definitely won't read in the weirdly censorious Mail, here's the lighter side of Smut from Scientific American. SFW. I had to read that in the Independent and agree with it whole heartedly, even if I couldn't find the original article.

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