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Sunday, 6 April 2014

Round up time.

Feeling better this week, last time I wasn't in a good place wishing death and misery on the ignorant and generally being a nasty bastard.  This week I have some round ups of something I've been wanting to do including a bit of Children's Channel news for those of you who are following (relax its nothing that exciting).

Scarfolk 2048.

If you've been living in a hole for the past 84 years you would know that  this is a thing sort of like Flappy Bird but without the inclusion of Super Mario's green pipes.  It is, at its heart, a sliding puzzle kinda like the ones where you have to put all the numbers in order but in this case it starts off empty and adds an extra tile when you move, when two tiles of the same type touch they morph into a higher number.  For instance if 2, 2 tiles touch, they will make a 4 tile.  The aim is to make 2048 and as a tile is added every time you move it becomes increasingly tricky.  When all the spaces are filled and you can't make any more numbers then the game is over.  Like Flappy bird I've already seen 8 bit ports of it including a Master System port a Spectrum version and of course a version for the trusty C64.

My high score is currently 7104. Can you do any better?

Air Assault.

One of the oddest things about reading about Mame development is that sometimes they throw up stuff that you've played but didn't realise was so rare.  Air Assault is a western conversion of  Fire Barrel, for ages it was housed in an egret cabinet in the Trocadero in Leicester Square, before it was shut down and everything sold off.  I can remember that this was a pretty tough game and that they wanted 50p a play when the norm was 30p a credit.  I also had no idea that it was so rare, that it was never dumped or included in mame, not until I read it on Haze's development blog.
Here is a system 16 link with more info and a warning about acid leakage on these types of boards (covers R Type Leo as well as a few others).

Telecat / Telechat.

Where as the previous two items are interesting this isn't so much fun.  Chriddof has posted a video containing audio from an old show from the Children's Channel, I can't place it but thanks to a link from some later posters, it looks familiar.  Especially the ostrich who had a right posh accent in English.

Oh god I remembered that this used to be on in the morning alongside Spoon Obasan and other bizarre anime on Sky.  They had a talking broom and a weedleish cat with his arm in a cast presenting a show.  I'm not sure if it had bizarre idents like False teeth from beyond the stars (it was the very excellent Round The Bend).  But I do have the idea that for some reason the broom caught alight one time making it fucking disturbing viewing, and the posh ostrich (Octavia) squawking away.  Relive your nightmares here in french.

Edit you were supposed to have an article about someones epic work on decapping the chips in a 3DS as a tribute to our lame Nintendogs April Fools but for some reason I just plum forgot about it.  Oh well have at thee with this.

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