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Saturday, 27 April 2013

Getting Sick of life on the farm.

If you're wondering why I've updated on a Saturday is  that we are out tomorrow celebrating a mates birthday at a mexican restaurant, so I'll be too stuffed with Enchiladas and tequila to do anything worthwile.

So you'll get our restau-rant / round up here instead of tomorrow, staring with the traditional soup.

Stephen Lawrence 20 years hence.

Just a small update to say its now 20 years since his death.  We finally have his killers behind bars thanks to some awesome forensic work, and perhaps the rest will be soon caught up.  There are flowers down at Well Hall terrace and more police than ever before.  I would list all the posts I've made regarding Stephens death but I won't cos I'm lazy.

Murdercapital / Intergalactic FM now up and running?

They have a brand new interface for Intergalactic FM after a few weeks of non updates.  It now has a film showing along with your selected music channel, (our favourite is of course Murdercapital channel 1 for the real electro, techno, house, minimal wave heads.) If you can follow on the link above as the pop out player hasn't worked in years thanks to adobe scotching Vista support.


We've not been watching much, but we did see Robert Milkins playing and a bit of Judd Trump vs Marco Fu.  Mostly I've been watching crazy Thai players on the news including Dechawat Poomjaeng forfeit a match due to a massive crazy miss on a red (hampered by the blue).  I also found you this flook not at the Crucible but involving a Thai player and Robert Milkins.  So enjoy.

Main course.

Our main (shudders) is ready and the meat of our entry is done.  Time to carve it up and serve. 

We're getting sick of Farmville 2, a few issues like email bonuses expiring before I get a chance to redeem, (they always used to be redeemed) and my cousin quitting means stuff that I could post for to complete are lying unfinished around the farm.  I have a small social circle comprising of workmates, schoolmates and a few people I know through Farmville.  The problem is this no one else I know plays it and Farmville mates are not regarded as proper mates which is a bastard shame.  The only alternative is to pay real money to skip those steps which due to deep pockets and short arms I ain't gonna do.

The main fact is this, the main quests never change, autumns thanksgiving table (shudder) is now the spring country fair table.  Novel stuff does come along (seed packets and kilns) but they either require cash money or add a layer of complexity that means they will never be used.  You either have to ask for stuff or post for stuff cluttering up your timeline in the process with stupid posts.   The upshot is this if you are antisocial you'll only get half benefit from these games.  Stick to something lonerific instead.

We would have room for a sweet but it seems the chef has not only stolen the trifle but burnt down the kitchen in a fit of pique. See you soon.

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