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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Maggies Last Party

I really didn't want to spend the entireity of my birthday writing about Thatchers death.  For those that have spent their entire time in a hole Margaret Thatcher has died of a stroke at the Ritz hotel in London.  For some of you she was a hate figure along the lines of Fred West or George Bush Jnr, for others she was a saviour of everything. 

Me I didn't care much for her to be honest, she sold off a massive amount of council housing and failed to build more. She stopped our school milk and worse of all her tits wobbled if the old school yard picking rhyme was to be trusted.  
Functionally Immortal.
Incidentally googling for that comes up with zero results so to rectify this, this is the complete rhyme.

Ibble obble black bobble Mrs Thatcher's Tits wobble, with wobble being the word used to send someone out.  Useful if you're going to play Had or its off ground version, Feet off London. Mostly used in junior school untill Ip dip came in. 

Of course we are not going to talk tag here, though its probably better than what I'm going to do.  Its the second time I've broken out Ding dong the Witch is dead this year.  The first time was for commie dictator Hugo Chavezs long overdue death from cancer and subsequent embalming, (what is it with the left wing and mummification).  But mainly its people holding Thatchers dead parties, mainly up north but a few in Brixton.  Of course she cracked down on warehouse raves along with football when she was in power but to be honest there were very few acid protest records back then.   This and House Crews All we wanna do is dance is much more better than tamp the earth down or Judy bastard Garland, and certainly beats a load of unwashed trots, drinking milk and dancing round like the cunts they are. 

I always imagined her along with Barbara Cartland as funcitonally immortal.  Living a sort of undeath for centuries, always there in the background casting long shadows over everything.  So her death is like one of the signs of the apocalypse, along with mass rejoicing in the streets by cunts.   I can't get worked up by this praise of her death.  Is this what we have become, insensitive pricks playing years old songs from the Wizard of Oz and drinking pints of milk, at the passing of a very frail old woman.  I know she was hated by the left, but will you when say Tony Benn passes on play the same song, or have a party in the street when Arthur Scargill snuffs it.  Or is it just dead Conservatives.


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