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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Match 3 variants / varmints.

This should have gone up at Easter along with me wishing you a happy Easter and that but it didn't because I was A. away and B. when I was away the internet was down.  The better news is this PF Slot is done, we've decided to call it Puyo slot and apart from the congratualtions screen being in Japanese (it says congratulations) we've decided to release it and let someone else probe the SWF file and that.

Really Minuscule 5kb download below for those that like promotional Puyo Puyo based slot games.

Load it up in your web browser to play and ignore the tiny page size as it was made in 2003.

Actually while I was away at my aunts of all places we happened to use her Laptop for stuff and stumbled onto Acers game zone.

Serving up casual games like Diner dash and Zuma, it also had a few variants of the match 3 game I haven't seen before. 

Amazonia Oberon Media.

This is a hexagonal based version of the classic Bejewelled, where you match jewels in lines of three and they disappear.  Being hexagonal though, its really confusing and makes matching 3 a nightmare, you can match diagonally here as well which is a new feature.  The plot is some badly translated plot about releasing the spirits and seems to have been done in Bing translator and a potato.  We played about an hour before they kicked you out for not buying, and sadly there doesn't seem to be a free download that isn't riddled with crap like Yontoo, however you can download the demo here

Heroes Of Hellas.  Alawar Games.

This was the other stand out game from Acers pack.  A match 3 game where you have to run your pointer over 3 or more identical symbols to erase them.  The plot involves Zeus, father of the greek gods and some bollocks about a missing sceptre. 

Its all inconsequential stuff as the game is a gem allowing you to match some truly massive chains through this simple mechanic.  You'll also get coins to build a temple with and special thunderbolt panels that when linked can set off massive chains when they hit other thunderbolts.  When you free a hero you can make his or her panel to get a desktop wallpaper.

Heroes of hellas Demo versions can be downloaded here

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