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Monday, 6 May 2013

Brighthouse = dumbchoice

A few things before we get down to it, but snooker is hotting up, we've been watching more lately and hope Barry Hawkins does well in the final.  Also I've remembered a few more bits and pieces of old cable stuff, specifically that Sky used to show Cool Mc Cool, Krazy Kat and Cantiflas its not really a big long post as all were basically bargain basement filler on either in the holidays or before school.  It wasn't as briliant as Stay Tooned with Tony Robinson , especially that episode when they covered the censored eleven.

Any way Brighthouse.

For the uninitiated Brighthouse are like a high street based hire purchase scheme, you pay weekly (at 29.9%APR) for consumer electronics and sofas and the like.  We picked up a catalogue at the weekend and had a really good laugh, because the prices things go for there I guess you need a sense of humour just to get through the day.

For instance here are a few deals on a PS3 500 GB selection.

Currys £235
Game £200
Brighthouse £438.88

Don't like Sony but are a Microsoft Fanboy and want to know what the equivalent is for an XBOX 360 250GB Gears of war special edition.

Currys Basic 250GB model
Game £189.99  Not Gears of war related but with Forza and Skyrim.
CEX £152 Though its not Judgement edition
Brighthouse £506.48

Finally a nice WiiU for those Nintendo fanboys out there this one is the premium pack.

Currys £300
Game £289.00
CEX £240
Brighthouse £472.68

(CEX tends to be more down south than anything, if you have a northern highstreet equivalent version please substitutue it for that, they also only do second hand).
We haven't added any supermarkets into the mix or online auction sites or amazon or play dot com. Its general electronic retailers you'll find on the highstreet or retail park.

As you can see from this small console based sampling that Brighthouse is a big rip off, true you can pay weekly but is it really worth it as you always pay much more.

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