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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Round Up 2000

Hallo readers we may have something special for you in upcoming weeks, a genuine mystery but for now they say a picture paints a thousand words, and this would have been perfect for the match 3 post.

So much Engrish Goodness here, it hurts.
Amazonia wants you to do... something.  Pawn your ears perhaps or at least your brain.  Whatever "it only a time barrier".

Alan Turing.

The father of modern computing currently has an exhibition on in the science museum.  The first we heard  of it was seeing a poster at South Kensington tube station on route to somewhere else.

Taking over the right side of the ground floor, it dedicates half of this to his work in Bletchley park and on computing and the other half to matters more spiritual.

Alan Turing: the Kraftwerk years.

The stand out shot for me is of a small bottle of female hormones backlit with an explanation beside it.  This was to curb his homosexuality, in lieu of a year in prison.  Being gay was a punishable crime right up until the 1960s when the practice was decriminalised.    
Sorry its blurry but this was a really powerful image.
It touches on his death from Cyanide poisoning and brings together his work on morphogenesis and life after death as well as 3 enigma machines and a robot tortoise (see above).

It finishes off with a short interactive bit, which allows you to program a robotic tree through an Arduino piputer controller. (Incidentally Piputer really should be a word it just rolls off the tongue).

Alan Turing exhibition, The Science Museum, London. Price Free (donations Optional)
Tube station: South Kensington. Either Piccadilly, District or Circle lines will get you there.

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