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Sunday, 2 July 2017

Hackney Haul

Have been busy lately as a few people I know are downsizing and going into sheltered housing.  Plus there is a few things I wanted to write about last months Scarfolk themed Fortean Times about liminality and the 70's and how it applied to my own thoughts on cable television.  But mostly today is about Hackney.

Haven't been for awhile as its quite a distance away, but whenever I've been there I've struck big whether its Finding old Scientist dub CDs or a few weird bits and pieces for discogs and stuff yesterday though I outdid myself.

They have a few charity shops there that are quite well spread out along the high street.  There is a pretty good one at the Salvations barmy (Salvation Army) that deals in all sort of stuff and has a few bits and pieces spread around the store.  Turned into the first stack of cds and there was a Simian Mobile Disco Bugged out mix cd pretty good decided to grab that then noticed that there was a few things by Fennesz, and it didn't stop pulling out gems from ~scape and Mille Plateaux and a few tiresome free improv jazz records that was duly left behind, but all in all 18cds and a big stack of records (largely Jeff Mills stuff and DJ Rush) for just under £16.

I know some of those will be a fire in a pet shop job but most of the vinyl is pretty legit. 

A few shouts out to some of the more odder ends of this spectrum i've dug through.   

MGRS Remix

Done for a Swiss culture organization this is a hybrid 2 lp 1 cd release that was given away to people / artists involved.  The caliber of remixers here is pretty good, Fischerspooner, Ovuca Biosphere, Cylob and the late Mika Vainio. Sadly the url you see where you can download this from is no more and doesn't even show up on  Half of mine is missing presumably still in the shop (will need to go back next week and check to see) but I have side a/b and the promo cd / sources.   Expect a few releases of this soon.

Morpheus Emergent music from the supercollider CD. MAC only.

Sadly I do not own a mac and never will due to them being overpriced douche bags, but this is part of the haul I got so its here.  Its generative music on one CDrom that will generate its own random interpretation every time you play it.  The only link I can find is to PDF. files, which you can read up on the processes on how its done and such.  I'll meet you half way and put up shots of the sleeve and CD image below.  If I ever get a mac emulator going I'll see if its any fun or not.

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