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Sunday, 30 July 2017

$2 a month!

So there's been some re working done to the old RHDN (romhacking dot net).  The main site has undergone a bit of an upgrade from the classic web 1.0 look to one with  a big sidebar with random hack photos and other such fripperies.  I consider it a bit of a second home (I'm MontyMole there though I haven't posted in ages) and today when visiting I noticed that there is a big Patreon begging post as a sticky on the main page.  I wanted to look over the forum and see what happened but the main general board had gone missing.  So knowing I follow a few people on twitter who are well known rom botherers I decided to look there.

Apparently certain stuff is paywalled now including changing site themes and the General board on the main forum.  Its been done before from ages back, when World of Stuart changed over to a subscriber model so Stu could write about grown up politics in Scotland rather than gaming like he used to.  I don't know what Nightcrawlers main aim is but it would be sad to lose all the info and fan translations, that's built up over the years.

You can read a mod's take on it here.  (short answer, they didn't have a clue).  Also I'll keep watching twitter to see if anything changes.

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