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Sunday, 23 July 2017

P5 Further Stuff.

So its been a few months since I last wrote about Persona 5. Back then I had a PS3 that was temperamental and a big CRT block to run it on, well that's sort of changed.  I now have a "new" TV one of the first Sony Bravia models that was a kerbside pick up.  It was being used as a monitor for a long defunct PC and touch wood works.  Resolution is slightly lower for PS3, I would say screen ratio wise its about the same but more crucially weighs a bit less.

The Old TV Via an equally old camera.
This is an update of sorts to my original post on Persona 5, I promise that I won't spoil stuff intentionally but game wise I'm up to the middle of September, and the phantom thieves (your gang of sorts) are now quite popular.  The woman interrogating you in the opening part is called Sae Niijima a detective and big sister to one of your team mates (also a social link).  I still haven't been to the Casino palace from the opening either so I guess I have that to come. 

Ryuji I am convinced is the Japanese equivalent of Beavis, though as a lightning user he doesn't have Beavis's pyromaniac tendencies.
Heh heh
Your Margaret / Elizabeth stand ins are Justine and Caroline and just like the previously mentioned duo their social link improves via fusion requests. I haven't gotten anyone to maximum yet but there are a few people that are close.  I still can't get used to them pronouncing Ann as Arne and it really grates on me, but I guess that's murica for you, Its supposed to rhyme with pan.

Also I kinda like Morgana as well, there is a stray near us that looks like him, have a short clip of him raiding the bins next door something the regular Morgana didn't do.

Further notes.

Still can't get the hang of baseball pitcher and always aim low.  Took me ages to get the hang of fishing in P4 too.

Oh they have a regular fishing as well you just have to read a magazine to unlock it.

Akihabara has capsule machines which seem to eat up most of my cash and the arcade there hosts this versions incarnation of the crane toy (and yes you can win a Jack Frost doll).

Despite the bar in Shinjuku being called Crossroads its clearly New Kama in Japanese. I'm guessing its a play on Newhalf / Okama both LGBT slang meaning trans or gay.  its owner Lala Escargot reminds me of old Drag queen Divine in a way, though its clientele doesn't seem to be from the LGBT community.  There are two old poofs down by the station who are quite fun and seem to have a massive hard on for Ryuji.

Finally I found a bug that on the day before your exams on 12/7/20xx (that's July) the game will hang if you do any social links or go to the gun shop in Shibuya. You can ignore this by going to bed instead, its what Morgana wants.

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