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Sunday, 16 July 2017

Xaloc Top HIts From United Kingdom Goans

Sometimes you find stuff that you know will be fire, sometimes you luck out.  There are only 2 tracks really worth your time on here from a dance music perspective Mogan Ravuiha and Torkariwali the rest are sort of dumb skits to old rock and roll type tracks, with a few jazzy bits thrown in. 
That's despite them showing Roland strings and an Arp synth as well as a few band members (people who can sing a bit and play instruments) posing in London with Tower Bridge in the background.
According to wiki, Goan music is a fusion of Indian and Western with a heavy Portuguese bias (and spelling with h's everywhere), and not just a type of trance music.   Seeing as I got it from a charity shop in Welling it has a local address on the back and blessing of the UK Goan Association.

More info on Goa and Goans in general here.
Auction post if you want your own.

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