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Sunday, 25 June 2017

Holiday 17 Tv Rules edition

Quite a lot to discuss here so will be quick and to the point. for once.  Our TV selection was quite small this year with a few things fucked for most of the holidays (CNN and BBC world service) or not tuned in well (ZDF in German). 

Yet again there was no return of the Ruleta del sexo so no stripping and for obscure reasons no psychics either.  The live music had a few things of interest including a bit of classical and someone playing a pin table to some ropey euro house.
Sadly this is as in focus as it gets.
After some digging it turned out to be KZ-26 from Playmatic a Spanish company (who else), there is a Video of some noises and the back marquee here.

They still had BVM and the Tetris quiz show is called Blokken and is still neat for all Flemish / Dutch speakers.

We had quite a few English channels including the main 4 and a selection of odd choices from the freeview pot.  Travel channel mainly showed either Baggage Bandits (cool) Garage Gold which sounds like a compilation I'd own but its more of the same and Alaska shit.

There was a fuzzy Russia Toady and three music channels.  Vintage TV which showed old stuff and wasn't very good.  Now that's what I call 80's which is more of the same but better and Channel A.K.A.  A.K.A. stop playing that gangsta shit and do your cunting homework before I ground you.

Best of all is Afro channel ABN a mix of Joy news, joyless christ mongs, Reggae and highlife music and badly dubbed Telenovelas.  Bella Calamidad (Beautiful but Unlcky or Pretty Unfortunate as I call it) is quite hilarious where everyone has a strong Brooklyn accent and gives off that 10th generation porn vibe.

Spanish channels were OK, mainly news and such. Its a twin skewer of some tragic events including the Grenfell Block fire and a re run of the truck of peace.  They made a big deal of skateboard man, a Spanish guy who lost his life trying to stop the jihadi truck twats.  Good to know that estate means Barrio in Spanish (along with Sesame Street). Sadly didn't see any Doraemon this time which I always look forward to.

I also finally found out the name of the horribly stilted English language program on La Dos which is That's English, where I learned that Pizza means pizza in English and they went to LlanfairPG in Wales. 
In a neat synchronicity they had some welsh speakers on the shuttle bus back home all in all a grand trip.

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