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Sunday, 9 October 2016

Look daddy, Its a scary round up.

Yes indeed a scary round up of some interesting, well I never facts and articles for your pleasure.

Programmer rants take a turn for the dark NSFW.

You may be aware of the penchant for old games developers to put in full on rants and stuff hidden in the code of old games.  There is an excellent video on Guru Larry's channel of western programmers doing just that and I will give you a link to it here as its well worth a look.  He does say in  the vid you don't want to know what Japanese developers hid in their games for good reason.

That reason is  Hisou Kihei XSERD an obscure strategy game for PC Engine.  There was a posting up on RHDN by some guys that they had found something pretty dark inside the files whilst working on this series of games (they fan translated the sequel Vixen 357 on Megadrive and had picked this up as its a prequel of sorts).   They are lyrics for a song about a serial killer and paedophile Tsutomu Miyazaki.  

Its understandably freaked out the people who found this, who posted it up on the boards.  The full text can be found here.  To be honest it reminds me of power electronics band Whitehouse and their fascination for killers and stuff, though I doubt William Bennet covered this and such.

You'll of course be wanting something to cheer you up after that so here is a few stories I've been reading today about Pineapple's setting fruit in,... Huddersfield.  That well known tropical town up north.  Also in the Sun on Sunday, that sparked this all off, a man also getting a fruit on his pineapple in that well know haven of the tropics... Cirencester.

In true imbecile fashion though the Sun proudly claims that its grown into a "3ft tree" despite the fact that Pineapple's aren't trees.  At best they are smallish shrubs, that need a fair bit of heat to produce fruit.  Can remember this from Victorian garden programme on TV ages ago where the rich Victorians would grow them in special glass houses with rotting manure so they would generate the heat needed to grow. 

Finally how about an obscure list of TV characters from Tim Worthington, its got the Animated Laurel and Hardy from when I was little, and Firestar from that Spiderman cartoon..

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