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Sunday, 23 October 2016

New / old PC.

As I mentioned last week we found a new PC, a Lenovo Thinkcentre from circa 2007 or so.  Looking at the specs online before grabbing it, ours is a little weaker that what I initially saw possibly down to them all looking alike.  Its only running on Core 2 Duo (conroe architecture), 1GB of DDR2 RAM and an 80GB HD with limited space for expansion due to small form fitting.   Of course its running Windows XP and I've gotten Lubuntu running as an acceptable substitute for the venerable OS.
 We have an old Samsung LCD TV as a monitor substitute that works as well but will need tuning in to be used as my new tv and to replace the Goodmans CRT block that I currently don't use.

Turning it on I could see it was used to run a tyre company in the next town over from us, and was infested with an awful lot of shit.  Wajam, Conduit, Bubble dock and thanks to Avast a few nastier trojans as well on there too.  One of the start up things was win a free iPad and I decided to at least get medieval on its ass by putting together my standard care package of anti malware and uninstallers along with a few hardware snoop / file recovery progs for your delectation. 

Whoever it was had kids and there were countless photos of his little ones, enough to regret my life in general and make me feel like a closet nonce for looking in the first place.  Luckily there were a few pics of his Mrs in a bikini and a clip of an Ginger tom cat attacking xmas decs to negate this.
Also I decided to have a look at his browsing history which is largely pornhub and a facebook pages from people I've come to know via them throwing out stuff before.  They had a weird aversion to updating stuff also as Chrome was on version 33 and Firefox at Version 19 which meant every web page is probably going to be broken if I took it online.

Merry Fucking Xmas
I did find a few things worth salvaging, the screen and the case is nice the way it comes apart and that.  Also there are a few nice non kid pictures from Planet Earth and a peeping cat, as well as shed load of photos about tyres and shit.  I have an idea of putting my old system in there, just porting it across and see if it will work lock stock.  Its a big step up so far but failing that bump up the RAM and put in a salvaged HD from the sky boxes which you always seem to find.


  1. I've used AVG security for a couple of years now, and I'd recommend this product to everyone.

    1. Never used it always an Avast man here.