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Sunday, 16 October 2016

The worst website in the world.

Been wanting to tell you about the "brand new computer" I found this week but instead will have to deal with some idiocy instead.

The worst website in the world.

According to Sarah Vine in the Mail its and I quote in full so that you don't have to visit.

"Days after Kim Kardashian was relieved of her jewels in Paris, the vice-president of PornHub, one of the most depraved pornography websites on the planet, offered £50,000 for information leading to the arrest of the thieves. 

To be fair I've never really visited as I'm more an xhamster man myself but, let that sink in.  I've seen much worse around, I've had a few sites that have opened pop ups that have forced me to CTRL ALT Delete Chrome because they hijacked me, all the while telling me I had a "Virus" or my HD would be deleted if I closed all without running a single process, and all I had to do was call their bogus team support.  Pornhub seems like a puppy compared to them, just because they show adult vids, that doesn't mean they don't have a heart.

Also its nice to know that just because you are famous for being famous you can have any compassion omitted for you, because you starred in amateur porn.  There is a warped logic here that I can't fathom, that a person has been through a tragic event, and even I, a robot autard who struggles with feelings, will concede that she deserves some sympathy for once.  The main story is that pornhub has proved to be more of a moral guardian rather than the Mail, that the adult industry has stuck up for her rather than the mainstream media.   And yeah, I can't believe I'm sticking up for Kim Cardassian, and Kanye Gayfish, people I actively despise, but it goes deeper than that.  There's been a real spate of these stories this week.

First up is Pamela Anderson, 90's playbore model and star of Baywatch and V.I.P coming out to say we should have more sensuality and that porn should be banned.   I kinda wished she'd crawl back under her rock for fading stars and shut up.  This is most of my relationship there, I find it difficult enough without her criminalising me as a pron user.  I'm not much of a viewer though its part of my daily routine, maybe 20 minutes tops, its to get me off and keep me sweet, I can go without and its not an addiction.  In fact the best thing about porn I ever read is Sex Myths by Brooke Magnatti, and googling her on it brought me back to a post on the Mail's website with her showing an old photo of her as an escort, nipples pixellated, and with scathing comments beneath.

Finally we have Women's hour host and professional owl look a like, Jenni Murray saying that we should have a discussion about porn in schools and that some filth should be shown there.  I say bring it on, we need a discussion on pron, that it isn't real life, its made up and fake total Tom and Jerry stuff, that no one does half and a quarter of the things here in real life and kids need to understand this.  Show them more badly lit amateur stuff of people fucking with the TV on  and washing piled up around them being bothered by the dog rather than the glossy made up, big studio stuff.  But most of all tell them shit's not real. 

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