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Sunday, 2 October 2016

Hampstead Junk Tour

First time I've ever been to the land of the chattering classes.  Hampstead is known for the Hampstead heath set of wittering lefties who are far removed from the day to day running of the country, case in point they have a small branch of Waitrose, the most upmarket of all supermarkets on their quite nice high street.  Its also known quite unfavourably from Richard Littlejohn's columns in the Mail for banging on about the gays on Hampstead Heath, I didn't go as it rained like a bastard and confined myself to charity shopping down on the high street.

So what did I get.  Quite a few good things actually, a nice double pack of obscure house from Stylophonic complete with note (see below), and a few good acid tracks (Biochip C, Influx) on vinyl.  Picked up a few good things on CD from Warp.  Kwes. (From Lewisham :0) and Ghostly International on CD and a compilation on Mute (Paroxysm 1 complete with U R track on this) but its the little things that come with stuff that cheer me up.

This note written verbatim below is quite heartwarming and I'll guess never know who they are.

My Little Ravey.

I totally forgot I (went) to a charity / second hand / vintage / who knows what sort of shop while you were away and saw a whole bunch of records.  I didn't recognise any of the titles.. so I ran my fingers along the top, closed my eyes and after 2/3 seconds stopped  and my finger landed upon this record so I bought it for you!  The lady at the shop was so sweet (possibly autistic!) and gave me another copy of the same one.  So these are for you.. I hope they are cool.

OK much love and happy vibes
Claudi Claud.

It made my day.

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